Music Saves the World!

Topaz Duo: Cosmic PhoenixWhat can save the world from being destroyed? Love. Music. Actually the combination of the two. If you have 10 minutes to spare, I recommend watching Topaz Duo: Cosmic Phoenix, a low budget Arabic language science fiction comedy, to you.

Topaz Duo is a duo of Egyptian lounge singers who travel around the world singing… and fighting demons and aliens. They fight Star Beast, sent by Cthulhu, and… Mr Topaz’s ex-wife. The arena for the fight is a hotel in Doha, Qatar. I know I just wrote about the whole plot, but… The film is so short, besides let’s not expect too much plot from it anyway. The film is funny, and that’s all that matters. 😀

Topaz Duo is a real duo singing Arabic, international and Ramadan style songs, as they write on their website.

Before you start watching, I recommend reading an interview with the producer, Ben Robinson.

Below is the full film.

What do you think about Topaz Duo: Cosmic Phoenix?


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