Eurovision 2015 semi-final 1

Lack of time didn’t allow me to post earlier. Here are the songs in Eurovision 2015 semi-final 1 (19.05) that I liked. 10 songs from 10 European countries, and only one partly sang in national language – all others in English, sadly.

Eurovision is the only chance in TV to listen to singers/bands from all over the Europe (and beyond ;)). Some people say it’s kitsch, some says the festival has hardly anything in common with song quality, but I still like it and watch Eurovision whenever I can.

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Worldly Literature in 2015: summary so far

Here will be a summary of books (sorted by author’s countries) that I read so far in 2015 and some that I have in my current pile. Feel free to comment, if you have some suggestions for books for me.

I have made two challenges: one is more Poland oriented (but nobody said you can’t read books/comics from other countries), one is about reading literature from across the world (Around the World: A to Z 2015).

I only read 19 books so far this year, so far (not counting comics) from 9 countries. Six more countries on my list. I owned only 2 books (e-books), the rest was borrowed from libraries. Continue reading to see the list and my short opinion on each book.

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May 2014 without USA and UK summary

I was fed up of the USA and UK dominance in culture, so I designated May 2014 as a month without USA and UK. This is the long awaited summary.


Why I did that? Because I can’t even take a step outside without being surrounded by USA and UK culture. Wait, no, even without going outside I’m surrounded by USA/UK culture. Majority of science fiction or fantasy books are from USA and UK (especially in libraries). Most TV series in Polish TV/cable TV too. I don’t even want to think about music – radio station and music TV channels are infested with USA/UK artists.

It wasn’t easy to watch TV. It was really hard, actually. Only very few channels were free of USA/UK programmes. I had to be very picky, look up the TV guides or watch what I recorded earlier. Too bad a lot of films were co-produced either by USA or UK.

It’s not that I hate USA or UK, and have something against those countries culture. It’s just… too much of it everywhere. Hardly any differences between Poland and Indonesia, for example. This kind of globalisation is a big no-no.

I invite you to see the notes from exploring culture in around 50 countries from around the world, but most of them are European.

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No USA and UK week 5

The last week of May 2014 without USA and UK culture. This week will end on Saturday, 31st May 2014.

Films, TV Series

I Watched

  • Dzika Polska (Wild Poland) is a documentary TV series about Polish wildlife and places. The main hero of the episode was Matylda, a female elk that isn’t afraid of people. [Poland]
  • L’Europe est -elle chretienne? A TV documentary about Christianity in nowadays Europe. [France]
  • Flikken Maastricht. Crime TV series. [The Netherlands]
  • Pitbull. TV series about policemen in Warsaw fighting with organised crime groups. [Poland]
  • Dobrze, że jesteś by Video. A music video in Polish Sign Language.
  • 爱出猫 (Trick or Cheat). Dancing junior high school students. [Hong Kong]
  • スパイラル〜推理の絆 (Spiral: suiri no kizuna). A detective TV series anime. [Japan]
  • Europas Wilder Osten. TV documentary about nature, an episode on Slovakian part of Tatra National Park. [Germany/Slovakia]
  • Les Rois Guerriers De Sibérie (Warrior Kings of Siberia). Historical TV series about Siberia. I watched an episode about Nadym fort. [France/Russia]
  • Le secret de Chanda (Life Above All). [South African Republic/Germany]


I Listened to


Currently Reading

  • Lectures on Russian Literature by Vladimir Nabokov. [Russia] I read Polish version “Wykłady o literaturze rosyjskiej”.
  • Waktu Aku Sama Mika by Indi. [Indonesia.] The book is in Indonesian only.
  • Cybernetyczne laleczki, SF anthology. [Slovakia & Czech]
  • Otoyomegatari. [Japan]

That ends my challenge. Finally. 😉

No USA and UK week 3

I designated May 2014 my month without USA and UK culture. It’s already third week, and it’s getting more and more fun.

During third week (12-18 May 2014) there was the Long Night of the Museums in Warsaw. Lot of possibilities to see the various cultures in museums or take part in other cultural activities.

Films, TV series

I’m still watching only selected channels and very selected programmes. I started watching  historical programmes on Polsat Viasat History (Swedish channel) when I learnt many series are produced outside USA and UK.

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