Playing: Skyforge MMO

Since The 2016 Sci-Fi Experience is also about playing games… I’ll use it to show some screens from the game I’m currently playing.

Skyfrorge mixes technology (sf) and magic (gods). The old god Aeli have left your planet, Aelion, which is now even more vulnerable to warious invasions. You died recently, but you happened to be one of those lucky guys (?) who turned out to be immortal. Now your quest to become a god (yup, a god with followers) begins.

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The Solitude of Being an African Fan Girl

Being an African fan girl is a strange, liminal thing. You’re never quite sure that you exist, you see. A part of you is rooted in your culture and its expectations for how a woman ought to behave – church, family, school – but another is flying off into the stars carrying a samurai sword and a machete. Not one thing or another, you’re both at the same time.

It doesn’t help that you’re invisible. In all the representations of geek culture, in all the arguments for inclusion, it doesn’t seem like your voice can be heard. After all, shows like The Big Bang Theory which are supposed to be modern representations of geeks and their culture seem entirely populated by white people with plenty of free time and disposable income. If you don’t look like that, don’t have that kind of money or time, are you still a geek?

Quote from: Omenana issue 1/2014


This is my way to open The 2016 Sci-Fi Experience a non-challenge by Carl. Omenana is not purely-sf magazine, but I still would like you to try out the African speculative fiction. There are several issues of the magazine already. Enjoy the read. 🙂

I read this essay again cause lately I, as a woman, left out as a reader of major Polish science fiction and fantasy magazine.

If you want to see what I read/watched etc. in the earlier years, look into The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience and The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience tags.

Fantastic World Stories

I have decided to make my own project for reading books from each country.

It won’t be a book, but a story, which means a legend, comic etc. The stories must have fantastical element to it, like magic, paranormal creatures, sf elements etc. And moreover, the stories must be newly read.

The countries list is a modified UN country list, including Palestine, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Kosovo. In total 196 countries/regions.

Do you have any suggestions?

A to Z July and August 2015

What countries should we visit during summer? Read a book (comic, poetry, etc.) by an author from one of the countries (for each month).

July 2015: L & M

  • Latvija (Latvia);
  • Lietuva (Lithuania);
  • لبنان – Libnān (Lebanon);
  • Македонија – Makedonija (Macedonia);
  • Mexico;
  • Монгол улс – Mongol uls (Mongolia).

August 2015: N & O

  • Norge (Norway)
  • Nihon (Japan)
  • Nicaragua
  • Österreich (Austria)
  • Ўзбекистон – O’zbekiston (Uzbekistan).

What will you read? Perhaps, can you suggest a book by any of authors from those countries?

PS. Suggestions coming soon.