Books Influencing Your Life

Lately on Polish Facebook we have this annoying chain:

write down 10 books that influenced your life (no matter the genre or quality) and nominate 10 other people to do the same.

It’s annoying, and luckily nobody had me tagged in this chain, but after reading some “articles” online I decided to put down my list of books. Not 10, just 7 but who cares. Not me. Only the first one is the most important, other – in random order.

  1. Tomasz Wilmowski’s series written by Alfred Szklarski. The boy travelled across the world, interacted with various people (respect towards other cultures and lots of details!) and was quite a patriot.  If I could name only 1 book (series), it would be it. I believe it’s this series that made me interested in foreign cultures (especially Asia/Africa) and made me choose years later the Oriental Studies Faculty at university.
  2. Dune by Frank Herbert. The masterpiece (one of few) of science-fiction. For a long time it gave me hope not to ditch sf books entirely. Or games. I loved playing Dune. I watched Dune films. Generally, it was probably the first “brand” in my life that I followed in various media. And probably the only one so far. Just don’t force  me to read later books and I’ll stay a follower.  Final Fantasy lacks books, as far as I’m concerned.
  3. The Coldfire Trilogy by Celia S. Friedman. I started making my first RPG world inspired by the books world and plot. I started the RPG online sessions, but well…
  4. DOS 6  for Dummies. Or something like this. Not sure which number exactly. I snatched it from my mum, and put a good use to it. My first reason for hating MS “you took DOS from me!!!”.
  5. Master and Margarita by Michail Bulhakov.  I loved it, and I promised myself, that I’ll read it one day in the original version. Still I haven’t done it, but it’s one of my life-goals.
  6. The Last Herald Mage Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. Probably the first series I read in English. I started reading more in English later on. I had no choice at that time, if I wanted to read it. 😉
  7. Angel Sanctuary by Yuki Kaori. A Japanese comic about angels and demons. Not the first comic ever I read, not the best comic… Why it influenced my life? I made a HTML website (using Notepad) about the series. The only one series I cared enough to do something like this.

I could probably somehow put 10 titles, but I’m not exactly sure it’s worth it.

What are the books/comics that influenced your life? Share your list with us.



Books for Travels

What do you usually read during travels? Did you already vote in my poll? Today, I’ll continue with the travelling theme.

No, I won’t put a list of my ever favourite books to read during your travels. I’m not gonna put a list of books that you should read before going travelling. Why? I feel that there is no need to, everybody has their own favourite or to-be-read books and they work just fine. And I don’t believe in any “books for summer” etc.  I can try making a books to read (not guides) before going to a certain country, if there’d be an interest in it (just write me a comment).

No, I’ll think of pros and cons of books, ebooks and audiobooks during travels (especially those long-distance).

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Reading During Travels

Remember the time when you travelled last time? Across your own country or abroad? Did you read anything back then?

How old are usually books that you read?

Think for a bit and choose one of the answers for the age of books (first publication) you MOSTLY read.

Feel free to write more details in the comment, like: I mostly read books published in 60s.