The Long Night of Museums

Tonight, 17th May 2014, in Warsaw and other Polish or European cities there is a annual event called Noc Muzeów (in English: The Long Night of Museums).

The Long Night of Museums

In the evening and night, usually 19:00 – 01:00 museums, cultural institutions, caffes, administration buildings, etc. are open for visitors. In some places there are special activities or shows, some just give you a chance to visit a museum that is hard to visit because of the opening hours. And moreover, during the night the entrance is free.

That shouldn’t be problematic in Poland, because as far as I know, every museum in Poland has at least one day a week for no-fee entrance.

in Warsaw

I love Noc Muzeów in Warsaw. I always try to attend and see something. I usually omit places with the long lines (like The National Museum, Warsaw Water Filters) and try to go to smaller places like the Museum of Printing, Museum of Blacksmithing.

During the night there is a special public transport, linking the places that joined the event. And what I especially love there are in use for this night the old types of buses or tramways.

I still haven’t decided on today’s programme, but I’m participating. And you?