The Problem of Czelawa

Stefan Grabiński (1887-1936) was Polish author of horror stories. Inspired by Poe, peer to Lovecraft, was often called “Polish Poe” or “Polish Lovecraft”. In Poland mostly unknown, but lately he is slowly being discovered again. Also by me.

The problem of Czelawa is a short story of a wife, Wanda Czelawa, who during nights is bothered by a  dangerous man looking like her husband. Her husband at that time is sleeping like a deadman, close to her. She asks a young neurologist for a help fearing she’s hallucinating…

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Autumn 2014 Challenges

A to Z 2014 World Books Challenge

If you still haven’t joined the challenge, you still can. Just read the previous months rules. This time the rules are both for September and October.

Read any (no matter the genre) two books written by authors from the following countries:

  • Kampuchea (Cambodia)
  • Kypros (Cyprus)
  • Latvija (Latvia)
  • Lubnān (Lebanon)
  • Magyarország (Hungary)
  • Moldova (Moldavia)

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Nomen Omen review

Nomen Omen by Marta KisielAlmost 6 weeks ago I participated in Avangarda convention as lecturer. I chose two books as an award for the lectures I held. Two fantasy books by Polish writers (ladies) that I didn’t know about.

One of them was Marta Kisiel’s Nomen Omen (“Aptly Called”). It’s an urban fantasy with university students & 85-years old sisters combo. The action takes place mainly in Wrocław and reaches to the pre-war and Second World War Wrocław then called Breslau.

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Just Finished Reading

I’ve just finished reading “Opowieści znad Sundu” an anthology of Dutch sea stories translated into Polish. Stories set not only in Denmark, but in the other parts of world too, China included.

Stories that are so varied. Not only those about sailors (or adventurers), but also about fishermen or just people living in the seaside (or their towns). This variety is a strong point of the book.

It wasn’t easy reading, I’m not a fan of sea stories. I read it for my challenge and to change my selection of books. You know, my #DiverseReading2014 instead of #ReadWomen2014. I still think diverse reading is much better.

Those who can read in Polish, I recommend it.

My opinion: 7/10.

The anthology enters Full House 2014 Reading Challenge as free choice.

My July readings

In June, I’ve finished reading only one book – Zrób sobie raj by Mariusz Szczygieł, Polish Czechophile. July was much better for reading. I read or finished reading 6 books, including comics.


  • fantasy/sf – 3 books (1 comic, 1 anthology, 1 novel)
  • based on memories – 2 books.
  • novel – 1 book.


  • India – 2 books (1 comic included).
  • Indonesia – 1 book.
  • Germany – 1 book.
  • Czech/Slovakia – 1 book.
  • Argentina – 1 book.

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