Playing: Skyforge MMO

Since The 2016 Sci-Fi Experience is also about playing games… I’ll use it to show some screens from the game I’m currently playing.

Skyfrorge mixes technology (sf) and magic (gods). The old god Aeli have left your planet, Aelion, which is now even more vulnerable to warious invasions. You died recently, but you happened to be one of those lucky guys (?) who turned out to be immortal. Now your quest to become a god (yup, a god with followers) begins.

Despite Skyforge being a Russian MMO, you can’t really find Russian inspirations (or maybe there’re some advanced level inspirations that aren’t obvious), instead there are ancient Greek ones. What is different there are no levels, but there is prestige that locks out content. A mission/region can be available to people with for example 68k prestige. There are no armours – just outfits, stats are gained differently. You can get the basic idea of the game mechanics from my first impression review.

The game is quite new, open beta started in July 2015. It’s F2P meaning you can play for free, but there are some premium options that could be bought for money.

I like the game. Here just some screenshots (mostly medium settings, might be minimum), review will be on my gaming website. Please bear in mind, that the screens are in chronological order, from July to October/November, so some of the interface has changed.

I’m playing on EU server. There is no IP block, so I even play with Indonesian friends. 🙂

Will you join me?


One thought on “Playing: Skyforge MMO”

  1. I live the graphics, especially the vivid color even in the darker areas. I’ve only recently started reading regularly again because I’ve been so immersed in gaming of late, mostly replaying the past two Fallout games to prepare for playing Fallout 4, which I am playing now.

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