Book Fair Trophies

This will be just a quick post, on books that I got during my trip to Riga and Vilnius book fairs in the end of February 2016. A post about the fairs, hopefully, will follow one day.

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Recently Watched

Lately I’m in a mood to watch films. It wasn’t only The Danish Girl. So I watched several films: one from festival (Japanese) for the celebration of Lunar New Year, two Polish and one 10 years old, in a TV. Continue reading to see the titles and reviews. Except one film (more like a documentary) others are rather surrealistic.

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Big Book Festival 2015

On 12-14 June there was an annual Big Book Festival in Warsaw. It started in 2013 (when I was still in Indonesia), but I’ve been taking part in the festival since 2014. As a volunteer. Being a volunteer is great, you get to know great people – other volunteers. 😉 Surprisingly, or not, mostly women.

This festival was different from the previous one – which was held in various places (single-themed) around the Warsaw (and even beyond). This time the festival was held in one place – in the city centre at Hoża 51. There was former cheese factory, but now it’s a good place for spending free time – either in cafe, on a boulder wall, in a gym or art gallery… or cooking.

Outdoor gallery at BBF 2015.
Big Book Festival 2015: Outdoor gallery of writers & their dogs photos.

The motto of the festival was: Człowiek nie pies i czytać musi (A human is not a dog and [thus] must read). The festival was international, there were writers from various countries (mostly European) and some of the meetings were held in Polish & English (simultaneous translation).

Among the writers were: Zadie Smith, Sofi Oksanen, Jeet Thayil, Elias Khoury and Danny Wattin. I could only enjoy the meetings with Sofi Oksanen and Danny Wattin.

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Adam Mickiewicz is known (at least from the name) to all Polish. He is classical author from 19th century, and in theory his works are read during Polish language classes. He wrote some ballads, with fantasy motives and today I’ll write about one of them. Or rather about it’s adaptation.

There is a ballad called Świteź, but probably less known than Świtezianka, which has for sure English translations.

Based on the ballad, Kamil Polak directed an animated film (around 20 mins long). Below is the trailer:

Like The Cathedral, this animation also got awards. I recommend watching the film, if you have a possibility.

If you’re browsing from Poland, until 7th June, you can watch the whole film for free on (Cracow Film Festival section).