#OscarsSoWhite #OscarsSoStraight #OscarsSoMale

This year too, the Oscars Awards get lashed for the lack of diversity. As you know, I’m not into the USA film market, I couldn’t care less what’s happening there except selected things that picks up my interest. I want to write about the attitude and the hashtages #OscarsSoMale #OscarsSoWhite and #OscarsSoStraight. And I want to suggest some films for those who want to boycott Oscars 2016.

Around 72% of people in USA are white (I hate to operate with colours/races! but let’s play along), next 13% are black. There are more women than men.

So what happens with #OscarsSoWhite? The outrage that there are no black nominees despite the films being in the run. Yup, I agree it’s lame. Is the world (USA) only white&black then? Where is the outcry for Latino, Asian and Natives then? Surely not on Twitter by those crying for white dominance! You might be interested to read an article on Mashable.

How about watching any Asian/Latino film that was a submission for the foreign language film award?

#OscarsSoMale Yes, I know there is a problem with a male dominance… but not every film with male stars or male-centered is bad. I know it’s unrelated to Oscars but how about Naz & Maalik? Would that be dreaded as male-oriented too? There should be a limit to be crying about male dominance. Yup, more power to women and queer but surely there are valid Oscar nominations for men too.

#OscarsSoStraight I’m fed up with the straight dominance and not noticing LGB people. Oh wait, it’s easier to get notice if you’re gay – come on it’s even in the language “gay travels/culture” when they mean also lesbians, bi, pan etc. No, I don’t identify with “gay …” I can identify with LGBT. The fact is that in the straight’s majority and even in LGBT’s group, there only exist notion of those who love one sex – the same sex leaving out the bi/pan. Please don’t use the “homosexual marriages” because marrying the same sex person won’t change the bi/pan sexuality into homosexuality. So many people overlook that.

Going out of the box can be achieved for example by watching for example Appropriate Behavior.

The problem aren’t really those hashtags problems. The problem is the lack of diversity and point of views! Some people have very narrow mindset, so while I can’t be sure that war-related films in the best foreign language films weren’t really so great to outclass other, I can still suspect that they were chosen for the theme.

Do you remember how I opposed the ReadWomen? Yes, I think it wasn’t really about improving anything in the long run, but demanding another group to have more (of whatever). Yes, nobody really bothered about the diversification and other points of view, it was just more women! And more USA women! How about noticing that the world is more diversified and complicated than that? Who cared.

It should be really more about diverse points of view. Nobody would there bash with #OscarsSoWhite (which bashes also into the group of white women). It ain’t nobody’s fault if they are white/male/straight and happen to be great actors/directors etc. Yes, you might wonder why there are less other ethnicities/women/no-straight less talented people but this happens far earlier than the awards.

There is an interesting article on Oscar diversity, which I recommend to read. Or this one about sexual orientation in nominated films.

There is one more thing that I want to comment on. Bashing based on the race and sex. Ie. ‘what you expect if most of the committee are white men?’ Well, excuse me! Just because someone is a white male it doesn’t mean they’ll discriminate.  That’s a sexist and racist comment! I’m trying to get to know various points of view, much better than those sexists who are just sex or race obsessed. Being a certain sex or race has nothing to do with the narrowness of one’s mind.

If you want to explore a bit of the diversity of films, make sure to check out the films category on For Culture’s Sake. There are those from USA too.

What are your thoughts on Oscars 2016?



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