Music and Locations

My friend Ann posted on her blog list of songs that remind her of various locations. Interesting idea, and I liked it so I decided to put up my own version. music reminding me of locations in three countries: Poland, Japan and Indonesia. Beware, it’ll be quite long.

I’m curious what songs/artists reminds you of places. Share with me in the comments.



T. Love – Warszawa

This MV is just a music with photos of Warsaw, it’s not original MV. One of the “classic songs about Warsaw”, tho released in 1991.

Nie masz cwaniaka nad warszawiaka

It’s the classic song in Warsaw, and had many arrangements. The one that was very popular in the past years was Projekt Warszawiak’s arrangement, as seen below.  I used it sometimes in Indonesia while talking about my hometown.

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Change for Meeting 1

Due to heavy rain, which held back many of us, I decided to postpone the meeting. Meeting 1 of the book discussion club will be held next week, 24.03.2013. We meet at 14:00 by the back gate of UNS.

The theme of the meeting will remain the same – 3 books I like.

Hopefully next week we will be able to meet and discuss.

See you next Sunday.

P.s. Please write down (in comment) as soon as possible if you will come for the Meeting 1.

Our Book Discussion Club – the decisions

Last Wednesday evening a four of us, me included, meet for a first meeting (aka meeting 0) to discuss about our book discussion club in Solo. We talked about the rules for the book club, as mentioned earlier.

The most important thing is the date of meetings. It’ll be on Sunday, twice a month, after the date of 1st and 15th of each month, from 14:00-16:00. The next meeting will be on 17th March. I know some of you aren’t originally from Solo, but so are the girls who decided this. But… if enough people will want a meeting during the week in the evening, we can make an additional meeting one a month.

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Our Book Discussion Club Rules – discussion

As I wrote earlier (in a post explaining what is book discussion club) we should work out on some rules. If we set them now there should be no problems later on.

If you’d like to read about setting up rules, you can check the links below. You don’t have to do that, you can just skip to the next paragraph then.

Please remember that nobody expects 100% attendance from you.

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