Hero (히어로) is 2012 South Korean TV series. It’s an action oriented, mixed with crime/investigation set in near future series.

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1% of Anything -1st review

I’m not a fan of romantic stories, but I do watch them sometimes. I wanted a chance of pace from action-oriented films or series, so I decided to watch the South Korean drama 1% of Anything. I’m currently watching it, I saw around 1/3 of it.

The good and naive girl helps an elder man, who happens to be a wealthy man, and is put in his last will. If she’ll marry one of his grandsons (arch-rivals), she’ll be rich. The first grandson to meet is a quick-tempered obnoxious guy. They make an agreement, to see each other for 10 months (they both don’t want to marry each other) but they begin to develop feelings for each other. There is also another guy, her coworker, who pushes the limits to get married to her. The family is in his favour.

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Vampire Prosecutor review

Not all vampires stay in the dark. Some, like vampire-turned prosecutor Min Tae Yeon can walk in the sun without a problem. His new powers, mainly seeing the last breathes of the victims, gives him an upper hand at solving crimes. He is a leader of a team in the join Prosecutor and Police Unit. His coworkers are: a newbie prosecutor lady, Yoo Jung In, an old-time detective, Hwang Soon Boom, and a mascot and researcher, Choi Dong Man. Then there is a forensic doctor and a prosecutor chief.

I was bit sceptic (come on, the “vampire” and “prosecutor” didn’t sound well)  when I started watching, but  the series exceeds my expectations. It’s a funny take on a procedural drama.

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Indonesian films to watch

I have some Indonesian films to watch. When I’ll have the time for it. 😉 Somehow it was easier to watch films in Indonesian while I was in Indonesia. But oh well, I will finally watch them.

99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa (part 1 & 2)

Part 1 is about Indonesian students in Europe. Part 2 takes place in Europe and Asia. Based on a book.

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