Sofi Oksanen

 “I strongly noticed that people my age have no knowledge or information about the Soviet era, no connection,” said Oksanen, who studied literature at the universities of Jyvaskyla and Helsinki, and drama at the Finnish Theatre Academy. “They are not interested in Soviets but are very interested in eating disorders, anxiety, sex trafficking and sex.

“In a way, my work forces remembrance that, like it or not, political discourse affects the life of the world, and we carry that weight for generations,” Oksanen said. “Everyone is scarred by the communists and Nazis — everyone, whether they know or acknowledge it.”

 Quoted from the Washington Post article (2011).
I’m currently reading Sofi Oksanen’s The Purge (Polish version titled Oczyszczenie). The author is coming soon for Big Book Festival (12-14.06) in Warsaw. I love the book. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend it. At the end of April 2015, we got her second book in Polish – When the Doves Disappeared. I’m sure I’ll read it too.
Have you read a book by Sofi Oksanen? What is your opinion?

January Pile

January, a start of new challenges. A lot of books in the pile, still waiting for me to be read…

Currently reading

  • Korean Writers: The Novelists is a reference book for foreign publishers about the “most powerful literary voices that came out of Korea since 1960s” and about past achievements and current trends (2005).
  • Wampir i inne opowiadania (Vampire and other short stories) – Kim Young-ha. A selection of short stories from various collections of Kim Young-ha. He gained a recognition in the Korean literary world, and he’s featured in the above mentioned book. This book has 10 short stories, including 3 that have for sure English translation: Photo Shop Murder, Whatever Happened to the Guy Stuck in Elevator, Moving.
  • Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town – Cory Doctorow (Canada). A strange story, full of bizarre things. I read it for my challenge Around the World: A to Z 2015. I got it legally for free on Cory Doctorow’s website, as it’s on Creative Common’s licence.

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Stack of Books 1

As many of the voracious readers, I’ve got my stack of books. I almost never read one book at a time, I read more. Depending on the mood, whether I take a book for a short distance ride or longer distance. Is this similar to your actions?

Currently I’m reading

  • Cybernetyczne laleczki (Cybernetic Dolls) a Polish anthology of Czech & Slovak SF. Short stories and fragments of novels. So far very different from the stereotypical science fiction. Well, hardly unthinkable after reading the psychiatry and machines Czech sf stories from 80s from Josef Nesvadba’s Minehava for the Second Time. Ah, yes, another Josef Nesvadba’s story is also in this anthology.
  • Waktu Aku Sama Mika (My Time with Mika) by Indi. A based on facts book about a girl with scoliosis (Indi) and her HIV infected boyfriend (Mika). Very good! Sadly (for others to read), in Indonesian only. I bought it in Solo, when I was still living there, but I finally got the courage to read it. It’s great, I love it!
  • Lectures on Russian Literature by Vladimir Nabokov. Reading Polish version of the book called “Wykłady o literaturze rosyjskiej”.

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No USA and UK week 1

On 1st May I started the May 2014 without USA and UK culture challenge. This is my protest against the domination of USA/UK culture in the global world.

Just 30 minutes in a shopping centre (Warsaw) is enough to hear few songs by USA/UK artists. I wonder how long it takes in USA or UK. 😉

A better example. I browsed (yikes, I shouldn’t have done that, crack on my challenge) a book by a Polish person, who made a book re-making the well-known films/scenes into children-roles. Kid Star Wars, Wolverine, Neo from Matrix, Braveheart, etc. And only one Polish film among them. Ouch.

In this post I will share with you what I watched, read, listen to during 1 to 4 May. Every May Monday will be special post summing up the whole week. On 2nd June, Monday, there will be a post summing up whole month.

Of course the idea “without USA and UK culture” doesn’t mean I’ll be writing only about Polish culture. It’ll still be a culture from around the world.

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Currently reading (11 march 2014)

Currently I’m reading:

Polish cover of Josef Nesvadba's Minehava for the Second TimeJosef Nesvadba‘s Drugie wcielenie Minehawy a Polish translation of Minehava podruhé. In English it’s known as Minehava for the Second Time.

Josef Nesvadba (1926-2005) was Czech writer and… psychiatrist. He’s one of the most important Czech science-fiction writers tho it’s not the only genre he was writing.

The three stories (currently reading second) are called by authors as psychofiction genre. The heroes are two psychiatrists and their patients. And machines, that can influence emotions and people’s minds.

The “Minehava for the Second Time” story reminded me so much of Abe Kobo’s “Inter Ice Age 4” which is a good thing, as Kobo’s book is one of my favourites.

So I continue to have a good time reading Josef Nesvadba’s stories. You’ll probably hear about him again, as I’ll be reading (already borrowed from library) an anthology of Czech and Slovak sf stories, where there is another one of Nesvadba’s stories.

From what I know, some of Nesvadba’s stories were also translated into English. If you want to read his works, you’d better check the library or shops with old books.

What are you currently reading?