No USA and UK week 3

I designated May 2014 my month without USA and UK culture. It’s already third week, and it’s getting more and more fun.

During third week (12-18 May 2014) there was the Long Night of the Museums in Warsaw. Lot of possibilities to see the various cultures in museums or take part in other cultural activities.

Films, TV series

I’m still watching only selected channels and very selected programmes. I started watching  historical programmes on Polsat Viasat History (Swedish channel) when I learnt many series are produced outside USA and UK.

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On EuroMusic and Eurovision 2014

EuroMusic Contest 2014 and Eurovision 2014 should be not a new topic for those who follow and read my blog regularly (thank you!).

With this summary I’ll end the topic of Eurovision 2014, which had its grand final on 10th May 2014. EuroMusic will have a final on 30 June, so until the beginning of July you can be sure I’ll still write about it.

It’ll be a really long post, but with some music and videos as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen… let’s start.


EuroMusic Contest 2014

The number one artist from all 40 countries was Daniel Kajmakoski from Macedonia. He got over 11.000 votes from public.

Eurovision 2014

Number one is Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst with a song “Rise Like a Phoenix”. Voted the best by both public and juries.

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European Music Contests May 2014

May 2014 is definitely filled with European music. Music from all over Europe.

There are two Europe-wide contests going on. First one, EuroMusic Contest 2014 is online one, second – Eurovision is TV-based.

EuroMusic Contest 2014

If you read my blog often, you probably saw some posts about EuroMusic Contest 2014 already. I presented musicians from Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Austria, Iceland and Romania.

Until 10th May you can vote on your favourite artists, from all over Europe. The top artists from 40 countries will be then judged by jury and in the end 10 artist will stand on final stage in Paris.

Seventh band comes from…


Malice in Wonderland

Rock band from Bergen.

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EuroMusic Contest 2014 again

I’ve already written about the idea behind EuroMusic Contest 2014. Remember, you can vote for your favourite artist/band once a day until 10th May.

I also wrote about one of the contestants, Ukrainian ElectroMush. Petra sings folk songs from around the world in their original languages.

So here are 5 more artists/bands from 5 countries that I like.


Ifi Ude

I discovered this singer from my hometown, Warsaw, only in the contest. I’ll write a full post on her another time, so now… I present you with the music video she submitted – ArkTika. If you like her songs, you can buy them (or full album) on iTunes.


10 Code

I discovered this rock band from Athens thanks to the contest. On September 2013 they debuted with EP the connection ep. which you can download on Jamendo. It’s free and legal, but if you like and can support them, please give them a donation.


Amity in Fame

I heard this band on Jamendo, a long time ago (I think). Tho their contest page might look poor, they already have 2 albums. You can download them on Amity in Fame’s Jamendo page.


Audio Nation

A rock band from Reykjavik. If you like their songs, you can buy a single or album on iTunes.


Life On Mars

A pop band from Bucharest. Known mostly for their lives. I wouldn’t mind going to one, if I could. 😉

How do you like the artists/bands? Who will you vote for?


Thanks to the EuroMusic Contest 2014, I’m discovering new artists from various European countries.

I promised showing the artists that I like, so… I’ll start with Ukrainian music first. Let’s say it’s my way of support for the Ukrainians, since as a person I can’t do nothing to help them in their struggles.


ElectroMush combines the world’s old folk songs in its native language with the use of the electronics and a beautiful voice.


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