Forever… young…

Back in the days, 80s & 90s, a song titled “Forever Young” by German band Alphaville was very popular. When the song was first released (1984) I didn’t even go to school yet, but I still remember the song from my teenage years.

The song has a really catch refrain:

Forever young, I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever and ever?

The song is not exactly about youth, it’s about Cold War. If you aren’t sure what’s that, check it. Looks like the history is repeating again…

I didn’t want to write about war, actually. The song just came back to me while watching a TV series. A TV series with a “forever young” character.

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What makes a super-woman?

On the last meeting at the library discussion club we decided on the topic for next meeting being “superwomen”. You can treat this as my way to ponder on what is “superwoman” and who could be called that. A hero from the science fiction and fantasy works. This could also be a way to discuss this topic with you.

The library discussion would be only about books/comics, but in this post I also refer to TV series and films.

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Continuum Twins!

I got recommendation to watch two science-fiction series during The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience: Helix (medical/virus) and Continuum. Except there are two science-fiction Continuum series. Both Canadian, I think.

Continuum (2011-2012)

A woman wakes up somewhere in the space on a ship. She lost her memory, and the ship is lost too. And there is a dead man on the ship, who was supposed to kill her. What is going on?

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Serial Experiments Lain review

During my talk with Carl about Almost Human, a police sf series, one of the topics was the length of the series. I recommended a classic Japanese animated TV series called Serial Experiments Lain. That triggered memories, and so, during The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience I rewatched the series.

The main heroine is Lain, a shy Japanese 8th grader who is not good with computers, but slowly gets pulled into Wired (Internet-like network).

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