January Pile

January, a start of new challenges. A lot of books in the pile, still waiting for me to be read…

Currently reading

  • Korean Writers: The Novelists is a reference book for foreign publishers about the “most powerful literary voices that came out of Korea since 1960s” and about past achievements and current trends (2005).
  • Wampir i inne opowiadania (Vampire and other short stories) – Kim Young-ha. A selection of short stories from various collections of Kim Young-ha. He gained a recognition in the Korean literary world, and he’s featured in the above mentioned book. This book has 10 short stories, including 3 that have for sure English translation: Photo Shop Murder, Whatever Happened to the Guy Stuck in Elevator, Moving.
  • Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town – Cory Doctorow (Canada). A strange story, full of bizarre things. I read it for my challenge Around the World: A to Z 2015. I got it legally for free on Cory Doctorow’s website, as it’s on Creative Common’s licence.

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Book translation in practice

Tłumacząc się z tłumaczenia coverI have finished reading today a Polish book by Elżbieta Tabakowska “Tłumacząc się z tłumaczenia”. The title is a pun on Polish words, “tłumaczyć się” (explain yourself) and “tłumaczenie” (translation).

The book is covering the topic of book translation in practice (with bits of theory mixed in). She uses her own examples from translating Norman Davies’ books into Polish.

This is an interesting book for all those who are interested in book translator’s work (she works in a team) or in the differences between British and Polish history books. The historical references should be understandable, they are usually explained.

The main problem of the book is that it’s too short. Yet the book does what it was supposed to do (at least looking at the title).

My opinion: 8/10.

The book finishes my participation in the Polacy nie gęsi II challenge. The book qualifies also for Full House 2014 Reading Challenge (as non-fiction)

My July readings

In June, I’ve finished reading only one book – Zrób sobie raj by Mariusz Szczygieł, Polish Czechophile. July was much better for reading. I read or finished reading 6 books, including comics.


  • fantasy/sf – 3 books (1 comic, 1 anthology, 1 novel)
  • based on memories – 2 books.
  • novel – 1 book.


  • India – 2 books (1 comic included).
  • Indonesia – 1 book.
  • Germany – 1 book.
  • Czech/Slovakia – 1 book.
  • Argentina – 1 book.

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Ich habe keine Schuhe nicht review

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present a great non-fiction book that I would recommend to everybody. If it had English translation… For all the sexist outside  that book was written by a woman.

I picked it up because it was focused on the “borders” topic. And borders were the focus of my March/April World Culture Challenge.  I also chosed it for 2014 Full House Reading Challenge as the “theme/issue you think is important”.

Ich habe keine Schuhe nicht by Helga Hirsch

Nie mam keine buty by Helga Hirsch Polish coverTitle: Nie mam keine buty
Original title: Ich habe keine Schuhe nicht
Author: Helga Hirsch

Originally published in: 2002
Published in Poland: Wydawnictwo W.A.B., 2003
ISBN: 978-83-89291-49-3
Pages: 245

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My Polish literature challenge in 2013

As you probably already know (if you follow me for a longer time), I’ve joined Polish writers challenge called Polacy nie gęsi (second edition). I’ve been bit lazy with writing all the reviews for the books separately, so I’m gonna do a summary of the books of Polish authors I’ve read in November (when I joined) and December 2013.

I’ll group the books by a genre, not by chronological order. Some of the information might be similar to I’ve read in November 2013 post but even those who’ve read that post, will find this one interesting – as I’ll translate things that can’t be found in English Wikipedia. Continue reading to find out more about Polish literature I’ve been reading. Tho unfortunately most of it isn’t available in English. 😉

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