Hero (히어로) is 2012 South Korean TV series. It’s an action oriented, mixed with crime/investigation set in near future series.

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The Last Immortal

Ostatni nieśmiertelny (The Last Immortal) is Polish sociology sf novel written by Gabriela Górska (1939-2013). It tells the story of Ray Gordon, The Immortal, who like Superman, saves people in the times of need. He can do, what the mortal people can’t do. He is already 100 years old, he saw the world changing, he has just one friend left… His wish is to find those who put the immortality into him (Them) and ask them to remove it. He wishes death the most.

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The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow

The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow (우리별 일호와 얼룩소) is a name of South Korean animated film for children.

A broken satellite is falling into Earth. By an accident it crashes into Incinerator, a scary monster, which operates with magic, and becomes a girl (android). She came to find a certain vocalist who “moved” her. That guy happened to change into an animal. His heart broke when the girl he likes fell in love with another guy. So now, he is a target of both Incinerator and a greedy guy who wants to sell his liver.

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The Cathedral

Katedra is a science fiction short story written by Polish writer Jacek Dukaj. He is rather well known in Poland, having won many awards. Not much of his works were translated into English (“Ice” for sure), but in a way the world audience could get a glimpse of his work.

That is because of a short animated film Katedra by Tomasz Bagiński inspired by his story. The film was nominated for Oscar in 2003, won Best Animated Short at Siggraph 2002 in San Antonio and some other awards. Since that time Tomasz Bagiński is a big name in Poland.

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Lem and SF Library Discussion

On 9th January 2015, I went to my first library book discussion club. It was a meeting of a club focused on fantasy and science fiction. I thought I should give it a try, especially with The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience and 2015 Library Challenge going on. The topic was Stanisław Lem, whose several stories I read and reviewed earlier.

I hoped to gain some more insight into his works and maybe a recommendation on what to read later on. With such thoughts, I went to the library. Just to have…

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