Norwegian music

Inspired by my recent trip to Oslo, Norway, here are some songs from Norwegian musicians. The first one was rather famous in 2014, inspiring people in various countries to make their own parody versions. All the songs were 2014 hits, on the top in Norway.

Anders Nilsen – Salsa Tequila

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The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience

The 2015 Sci-Fi ExperienceTime fly so fast. It wasn’t that long from the time when The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience has ended but another edition is already running.

It’s not really a challenge, it’s just a chance to enjoy science-fiction books, films, etc. during December 2014 and January 2015. Since science-fiction is one of my favourite genres, it’s not hard to find science-fiction related posts, but it’s nice to participate in that with other fellow fans of sf.

If you want to join in, just register yourself at Carl’s Stainless Steel Droppings blog.


Have fun reading and watching!

R.I.P. IX challenge

R.I.P. IX PosterCarl, from Stainless Steel Droppings which you may know from SF challenge, made yet another short challenge R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril IX. This time, a challenge, with few levels. The point is to read or watch until 31st October books/films/TV series on following topics:

  • Mystery.
  • Suspense.
  • Thriller.
  • Dark Fantasy.
  • Gothic.
  • Horror.
  • Supernatural.

The levels for books: 1, 2 or 4 books. Peril of the Short Story (reading short-stories), Peril on the Screen (watching TV series/films).


You can participate in any of the perils, or all. You can read more about rules on Carl’s website. Because of late participation, I decided to join the Peril of the Short Stories.

Do you read such stories or books? Can you recommend something?

My July readings

In June, I’ve finished reading only one book – Zrób sobie raj by Mariusz Szczygieł, Polish Czechophile. July was much better for reading. I read or finished reading 6 books, including comics.


  • fantasy/sf – 3 books (1 comic, 1 anthology, 1 novel)
  • based on memories – 2 books.
  • novel – 1 book.


  • India – 2 books (1 comic included).
  • Indonesia – 1 book.
  • Germany – 1 book.
  • Czech/Slovakia – 1 book.
  • Argentina – 1 book.

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Summer 2014 Challenges

So much to do during summer, so there will be just one book challenge for July and August. Below are the rules for my two challenges: book and general culture challenge for July and August 2014.

A to Z 2014 World Books Challenge

You can still join the challenge. See the rules of 2014 World Books Challenge.

July & August Rules

Basic Rules

  • Read books from your shelves. Can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.
  • Read one book of your country’s writer.
  • Read one book written by a foreign writer.
  • Don’t reread! Read the books that were standing long on your shelves, without being ever read.

Bonus Rules

  • Read a book in language that is foreign for you.


2014 World Culture Challenge

See the rules of the 2014 World Culture Challenge if you want to join it.

July & August Rules

  1. The theme is geography and travelling.
  2. Choose two of the following activities:
    • Travel to a place you haven’t been before but which somehow connects with culture. It might be in your town, close to your town or further away. It might be a museum, a culture festival, etc.
    • Read a non-fiction book focused on travelling or geography.
    • Watch a non-fiction film/TV series focused on travelling or geography.
    • Go for an exhibition related to travelling or geography.
  3. Write a review about one of those things.
  4. Enjoy yourself!