Deadpool review

I’m not a fan of USA superheroes. I do know many of them, but whenever I see a new superhero film in the cinema I do “meeeeh” and loose interest. But I decided to watch Deadpool.


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Warszawskie Dni Fantastyki 2015

Fantastyka in Polish means both science fiction and fantasy. Horror is usually out, tho there is a trend to mix it up together in bookstores, probably because of the influence from the USA. Speculative fiction is grouping fantasy, science fiction and horror. Sci-fi is, from what I heard, a negative term for “soft” science fiction, not really grounded on “science”. What terms are you using in your country? What is considered “science fiction” and “fantasy”?

Those questions arrived during my lecture about South Korean science fiction. I talked about some examples of what is considered science fiction in South Korea. Why I know about it? Because those film/series were nominated for SF award in South Korean science fiction festival. Or they were screened during shows then.

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South Korean sf comics

I’ve been reading lately various science fiction related comics from South Korea. School romance, superheroes story and war with androids.

GIRL by Hwang Mi Ri

GIRL by Hwang Mi RiA romance of school girl set in a future world (204x), when there is hardly any woman left in the world, due to a strange phenomena after an explosion on the Sun. Make no mistake, there is hardly “science” in this manhwa. All the background (hardly probable) is just an excuse for a girl with harem story.

If the author would be more serious about science fiction, it could be a great story, but now, it’s a mediocre story at best. Just like other romance stories.

My opinion: 3/10.

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Maus: A Survivor’s Tale

Maus vol 1 Polish coverMaus: A Survivor’s Tale by Art Spiegelman is 2-volume length comic on Holocaust which won Pulitzer Award in 1992. The main character, the survivor, is the author’s father, Polish Jew Władek Szpigleman. Both volumes tell the story from the past (from before the Second World War to surviving Auschwitz) and from the present when Art Spigelman asks father about the past.

The original version was made in English. It was translated to around 30 versions including: Polish, German, French, Hebrew and Japanese.

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On Avangarda 9

Last weekend, on Friday and Saturday (8th and 9th August) I was participating in an RPG (Role Playing Games) convention called “Avangarda”. It was already Avangarda 9.

It was not only about RPG… but I couldn’t attend many activities.

Devi comicsI took part in the convention as a lecturer… A lecturer in the All-About-Asia programme. I had 4 lectures. Continue reading to learn about the Indian superheroes (comics, books, films) and Indonesian comics.

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