Book Fair Trophies

This will be just a quick post, on books that I got during my trip to Riga and Vilnius book fairs in the end of February 2016. A post about the fairs, hopefully, will follow one day.

Riga Books

  • Bear's Ears AnthologySun Stroke in the Dark by Mara Zalite. Poetry. (Latvia)
  • Bear’s Ears – An Anthology of Latvian Literature. (Latvia)

Both books in English. Bought in a “regular” bookstore in Riga.

Vilnius Books

  • Vilnius Wilno Vilna Kristina SabaliauskaiteTo-morrow by Joseph Conrad (Polish emigrant to UK, writing in English)
  • Vilnius. Wilno. Vilna. Three Short Stories by Kristina Sabaliauskaite (Lithuania)
  • Dažai ar kraujas (original title: Farba znaczy krew, English meaning: Paint means blood) by Zenon Kruczyński. A book written by an ex-hunter. (Poland)

All books bought at the fair. Conrad’s and Kruczyński’s books were very cheap, 1 euro or less.


Did you go to any book fair lately? What did you buy?



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