Always too young and never too mature…

In love with different cultures and their culture – be it modern or traditional.

Addicted to reading books (and comics), listening to the music and sometimes watching films and series.

Originally Polish, from Poland. I was living in Indonesia for around a year (2012/2013), and came back again to Poland. I’m generally interested in foreign cultures, mainly in Asian. But, you can be sure of that, I’m gonna write about other cultures, Polish included. I’ll write also about the books/films/music not (originally/available) in English. Especially I want to promote a non-USA/UK culture in the global world. There are too many great things that the USA/UK-oriented popculture forgets about or don’t notice it at all.

You can read more about the ideas behind “For Culture’s Sake” blog in the introductory post “Hello, For Culture’s Sake!”. The book discussion club failed, unfortunately. The other goals, are still valid.

You can also find For Culture’s Sake on Twitter.


Pleased to meet you! Let’s talk to our hearts’ content!


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