Recently Watched

Lately I’m in a mood to watch films. It wasn’t only The Danish Girl. So I watched several films: one from festival (Japanese) for the celebration of Lunar New Year, two Polish and one 10 years old, in a TV. Continue reading to see the titles and reviews. Except one film (more like a documentary) others are rather surrealistic.

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The Danish Girl Review

On January 22th The Danish Girl debuted in Poland as Dziewczyna z portretu. I have watched this film the very next day, and for the next days I’ve been reading many reviews of the said film.

This post will have two parts: my review of the film and comments about the reviewers and their opinions. I hope that I’ll give some pieces of thought to all those LGBT supporters who claim to act on our behalf.

Let’s watch the trailer first.

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The Luminaries – reviews

That was a long ride… Too long. I started reading the original version in February, but got “reading block” for a long time.

The Luminaries got a lot of buzz for the author when she won The Man Booker Prize in 2013. It took some time for the book to arrive to Poland – our translation was published in October 2014, almost a year later. It’s published as Wszystko, co lśni, probably a better choice than forgotten “luminarze” word, which is rather used for famous people in the science (or art) field.

The book was labelled as a Victorian novel, which for me don’t bear any meaning nor any (not)fond thoughts, probably like for the vast majority of people in the world. I did read some Victorian novels during my school years (we had to) but otherwise… I don’t bother myself if it’s a good “Victorian novel” or no. I started the book reading with open mind, not expecting anything. I was even cautious of the “it’s so great”.

So, what I think about it?

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Worldly Literature in 2015: summary so far

Here will be a summary of books (sorted by author’s countries) that I read so far in 2015 and some that I have in my current pile. Feel free to comment, if you have some suggestions for books for me.

I have made two challenges: one is more Poland oriented (but nobody said you can’t read books/comics from other countries), one is about reading literature from across the world (Around the World: A to Z 2015).

I only read 19 books so far this year, so far (not counting comics) from 9 countries. Six more countries on my list. I owned only 2 books (e-books), the rest was borrowed from libraries. Continue reading to see the list and my short opinion on each book.

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Waktu Aku Sama Mika review

Once again, it’s Waktu Aku Sama Mika. I wrote about film (not reviewed yet), I put a quote from book. This time, finally a review of the book. After several months, but I still quite remember my opinion about it.

Indi is a teenager Indonesian girl with scoliosis. Mika, who becomes her boyfriend, is several years older from her, and infected with HIV/AIDS. Not long after he dies…

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