Nomen Omen review

Nomen Omen by Marta KisielAlmost 6 weeks ago I participated in Avangarda convention as lecturer. I chose two books as an award for the lectures I held. Two fantasy books by Polish writers (ladies) that I didn’t know about.

One of them was Marta Kisiel’s Nomen Omen (“Aptly Called”). It’s an urban fantasy with university students & 85-years old sisters combo. The action takes place mainly in Wrocław and reaches to the pre-war and Second World War Wrocław then called Breslau.

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Ich habe keine Schuhe nicht review

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present a great non-fiction book that I would recommend to everybody. If it had English translation… For all the sexist outside  that book was written by a woman.

I picked it up because it was focused on the “borders” topic. And borders were the focus of my March/April World Culture Challenge.  I also chosed it for 2014 Full House Reading Challenge as the “theme/issue you think is important”.

Ich habe keine Schuhe nicht by Helga Hirsch

Nie mam keine buty by Helga Hirsch Polish coverTitle: Nie mam keine buty
Original title: Ich habe keine Schuhe nicht
Author: Helga Hirsch

Originally published in: 2002
Published in Poland: Wydawnictwo W.A.B., 2003
ISBN: 978-83-89291-49-3
Pages: 245

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Ladies vs Gentlemen fight 2

Two months ago I wrote my first summary of #readingwomen2014 in January and February. Actually it was also a summary of my own action of #diversereading2014 in which I try to broaden my horizons.

March and April 2014 weren’t as plentiful in reading books as earlier months. I had clearly less time for reading. I was also finishing some challenges and reading the books I borrowed from library a long time ago. I had read some comics, but like last time I’m not using them in my lists.

I’m not too satisfied with my selection of books. Except one book (varsaviana) all are fiction.

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Ladies vs Gentlemen fight 1

A more detailed look at the books I read (finished). The fight between sexes… 😉 Or the definite proof that I’m a sexist. Or the clash between #readwomen2014 and #diversereading2014.

Out of 9 books I read in the last 2 months, I read:

  • 1 graded-reader book (fiction);
  • 2 non-fiction books;
  • 6 fiction books.

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Heartland’s fights

I couldn’t believe it when a librarian recommended me this book. I asked her specifically for some crime story set outside Europe and North America. And she gave me Heartland by Jann Turner. Whaaa? The sexual pose of mixed racial pair… and the description suggesting some cheap romance in exotic location. Ok, during the time of Mandela presidency, but still… But she recommended it. She said it was mainly about social issues with crime involved. I still remembered “social issues with crime mix” in “The Six Suspects” novel of an Indian writer, Vikas Swarup. I liked that mix so – despite differences – I decided to read “Heartland” in the end.

The librarian recommended me also books by the  J. M. Coetzee. I said ‘Nah’. Both of them are from South African Republic but I was thinking that reading a woman’s opinion on apartheid would be more interesting. Ladies are usually hit by the rules, the rules that are  lenient on men.  Double standards always alive. So I wanted a real image of the times of apartheid and when it officially fell down. That’s why I chose a woman’s book.

Should I be so proud of myself for #readingwomen2014? After all, I chose the unknown female writer instead of the famous male writer. 😀

Hearthland by Jann Turner

Dolina marzeń okładka
Original Title: Hearthland
Polish title: Dolina marzeń
Author: Jann Turner

Originally published: 1997
Published in Poland: 2001

Publisher: Libros
Pages: 558

Continue reading for the long post about the fake image that the cover and description gives, about the double standards and apartheid and finally… my opinion on this book. It’ll be a long post.

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