Siti @ Five Flavours Festival

Every year at November there is Five Flavours Festival (Festiwal Pięć Smaków) in Warsaw. It’s an Asian cinema festival. Every year there is a theme/focus. This year it’s Japanese female directors.

But yesterday I went to see Indonesian film Siti (2014) about woman named Siti living in Parangtritis area, taking care of her paralysed husband (and his debt) and their son.

Did you watch Siti? What do you think of it?

PS. Yup, I have literally no time to keep updating blog. Sorry.


Norwegian music

Inspired by my recent trip to Oslo, Norway, here are some songs from Norwegian musicians. The first one was rather famous in 2014, inspiring people in various countries to make their own parody versions. All the songs were 2014 hits, on the top in Norway.

Anders Nilsen – Salsa Tequila

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Let’s sign!

Sometimes a simple thing has a big impact. Like this video. I was so “WOW!!!” when I first saw it. I proudly present you a song “Dobrze, że jesteś” by Video.

The title can be roughly translated as “Good to have you”. What’s so special about this video? Its lyrics are translated into Polish Sign Language. It’s the first official music video in Poland that fully uses the Polish sign language. Great job! I hope there’ll be more videos like this one.

The young people in the video are part of the “Młodzi Migają Muzykę” team which translate various Polish and foreign songs into the Polish Sing Language.


Indonesian films to watch

I have some Indonesian films to watch. When I’ll have the time for it. 😉 Somehow it was easier to watch films in Indonesian while I was in Indonesia. But oh well, I will finally watch them.

99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa (part 1 & 2)

Part 1 is about Indonesian students in Europe. Part 2 takes place in Europe and Asia. Based on a book.

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Let’s listen to Yuna!

Yuna is a Malaysian singer, whose songs I heard for the first time few months ago.

I’m not Muslim, but I was charmed with her positive attitude, music and her fashion – jilbab included. Here in Europe the dominating view of women in Islam is a pitiful woman who is oppressed by men in her family – especially husband. But Yuna is different. She’s happy and feel good while still being a pious Muslim lady.

In her song “Rescue” she sings:

Yeah, she’s got life in her veins, she don’t need no rescuing she’s okay

No S.O.S. needed, no rescuing, she’s fine out there.

Her song is very positive and empowering. It’s a message for all the ladies.

So, here is my favourite song of Yuna – Rescue. Enjoy!

What do you think of the song and music video? Are you interested in other songs by Yuna? Or are you already a fan of Yuna? Share your thoughts in the comments.