My Anime Memories

I promised Nicollzg to post about anime that work for me. It wasn’t easy, I had a blank mind when I started suddenly thinking of anime I like. What came to my mind is mainly old stuff, from 80s and 90s. Am I getting that old to remember only distant past?

I won’t (kinda) write about science fiction anime because it would dominate the whole post. I’ll write about sf anime later on, maybe in time for The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience, maybe later. I selected three themes: comedy, vampires and fantasy.

There is one thing all those anime have in common – I’d love to watch them again. Don’t expect reviews, it wouldn’t be fair to review films/series I watched years ago. Have fun!

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Vampire Prosecutor review

Not all vampires stay in the dark. Some, like vampire-turned prosecutor Min Tae Yeon can walk in the sun without a problem. His new powers, mainly seeing the last breathes of the victims, gives him an upper hand at solving crimes. He is a leader of a team in the join Prosecutor and Police Unit. His coworkers are: a newbie prosecutor lady, Yoo Jung In, an old-time detective, Hwang Soon Boom, and a mascot and researcher, Choi Dong Man. Then there is a forensic doctor and a prosecutor chief.

I was bit sceptic (come on, the “vampire” and “prosecutor” didn’t sound well)  when I started watching, but  the series exceeds my expectations. It’s a funny take on a procedural drama.

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Dzieci Nocy review

Today I’ll review a Polish book that is a mix of science fiction and urban fantasy with vampires. It’s really good, but unfortunately in Polish only. The books is read for the following challenges: Polacy nie gęsi II, A to Z 2014 World Books (January) and The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience.

Ladies and Gentlemen, “Dzieci Nocy” by Witold Jabłoński.

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