Live Theatre on the Streets

Do you remember when I wrote in a post Theatre in Your Home pointing out to some ways of watching theatre plays from your home?

Now it’s summer and… the street theatres time. Performing on busy streets, for free! What a great idea!

Few weeks ago a street theatre festival – Sztuka ulicy – has ended, but it’s not the end of street theatres. Krystyna Janda‘s theatres: Polonia and Och Teatr have street performances until the end of August. Every day at 17:00 there is a performance, several different plays a week. Unless it rains.

Lament na Placu KonstytucjiI had watched the “Lament na Placu Konstytucji” play. It’s a story of 3 women: daughter, mother and grandmother each telling about their lives, hopes  and problems. It’s a play from 2007, but still very “it sounds so realistic and up to date”.

The plays (in July) are on Plac Konstytucji, one of the major Warsaw squares with lots of buses and trams around. I had no chance to watch other plays yet (time issues), but I see that those plays gather a big audience. It’s not just “viewers by accident”, who are also in the audience lead by the live performance while waiting for bus, but people come there fully prepared, with their own stools. that’s a great idea, because the benches provided by the theatre are not enough.

This won’t be the last play I see, definitely.  I thought the play was great and well done, so I’ll make sure I’ll watch the others… And eventually go for a ticketed performance to Krystyna Janda’s theatre. I was familiar with this theatre only because of its name, but now I’m convinced it’s worth going there…

See the July 2014 repertoire on Plac Konstytucji and come for the show!

Do you watch street performances? What do you think about such an event?