A to Z May 2015

Oops, I did it again. I was sure I wrote the May challenge, but no. So, a bit late, here it is.

Around the World: A to Z May 2015

Read a book from a writer from one of those countries:

  • Jamaica
  • Jībūtī (Djibouti)
  • Қазақстан (Kazakhstan)
  • Kenya
  • Кыргызстан (Kyrgyzstan)

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Worldly Literature in 2015: summary so far

Here will be a summary of books (sorted by author’s countries) that I read so far in 2015 and some that I have in my current pile. Feel free to comment, if you have some suggestions for books for me.

I have made two challenges: one is more Poland oriented (but nobody said you can’t read books/comics from other countries), one is about reading literature from across the world (Around the World: A to Z 2015).

I only read 19 books so far this year, so far (not counting comics) from 9 countries. Six more countries on my list. I owned only 2 books (e-books), the rest was borrowed from libraries. Continue reading to see the list and my short opinion on each book.

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