Heartland’s fights

I couldn’t believe it when a librarian recommended me this book. I asked her specifically for some crime story set outside Europe and North America. And she gave me Heartland by Jann Turner. Whaaa? The sexual pose of mixed racial pair… and the description suggesting some cheap romance in exotic location. Ok, during the time of Mandela presidency, but still… But she recommended it. She said it was mainly about social issues with crime involved. I still remembered “social issues with crime mix” in “The Six Suspects” novel of an Indian writer, Vikas Swarup. I liked that mix so – despite differences – I decided to read “Heartland” in the end.

The librarian recommended me also books by the  J. M. Coetzee. I said ‘Nah’. Both of them are from South African Republic but I was thinking that reading a woman’s opinion on apartheid would be more interesting. Ladies are usually hit by the rules, the rules that are  lenient on men.  Double standards always alive. So I wanted a real image of the times of apartheid and when it officially fell down. That’s why I chose a woman’s book.

Should I be so proud of myself for #readingwomen2014? After all, I chose the unknown female writer instead of the famous male writer. 😀

Hearthland by Jann Turner

Dolina marzeń okładka
Original Title: Hearthland
Polish title: Dolina marzeń
Author: Jann Turner

Originally published: 1997
Published in Poland: 2001

Publisher: Libros
Pages: 558

Continue reading for the long post about the fake image that the cover and description gives, about the double standards and apartheid and finally… my opinion on this book. It’ll be a long post.

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District 9’s review

District 9 is a hit science-fiction cinema film from few years ago. I refreshed my memory of it lately, watching it in TV. My opinion on it, hasn’t changed after all those years. What’s my opinion? Continue reading.

District 9 posterDistrict 9

Director: Neill Blomkamp

Country: SAR (Neill Blomkamp), New Zealand, Canada, USA

Year: 2009

Time: 112 minutes

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