Kenya’s International Film & TV Awards

It was interesting to see the list of nominees to 2015 Kalasha International Film & TV awards. It’s a nice way to discover new films & TV series that probably aren’t well known outside the region. I have yet to check out any info about all of the films and series. It’d be nice to see at least some of them.

How about you?


The Luminaries – reviews

That was a long ride… Too long. I started reading the original version in February, but got “reading block” for a long time.

The Luminaries got a lot of buzz for the author when she won The Man Booker Prize in 2013. It took some time for the book to arrive to Poland – our translation was published in October 2014, almost a year later. It’s published as Wszystko, co lśni, probably a better choice than forgotten “luminarze” word, which is rather used for famous people in the science (or art) field.

The book was labelled as a Victorian novel, which for me don’t bear any meaning nor any (not)fond thoughts, probably like for the vast majority of people in the world. I did read some Victorian novels during my school years (we had to) but otherwise… I don’t bother myself if it’s a good “Victorian novel” or no. I started the book reading with open mind, not expecting anything. I was even cautious of the “it’s so great”.

So, what I think about it?

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On Challenges in January 2015

I take part in several challenges, as you probably know. This is kinda a general summary post.


  • The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience is finished with the end of January. There will be a separate summary post. If you don’t want to wait for that, you can see the science fiction tag. But you can be sure, the summary will be more just linking to posts.


  • My ongoing Polish challenge: Na co dzień i od święta. The calendar-related challenge from November 2014. 5/6 books (1 of 2 read in January).
  • A to Z 2015 challenge around the world that started in January 2015 (you can still join). I read a book by Cory Doctorow (Canadian).
  • Polacy nie gęsi III (reading Polish writers) from November 2014. 8/12 so far. In January I read 3 books by Polish writers. I’ll probably complete the minimum next month, and it’s a year-long challenge. 😉
  • 2015 Library Challenge. I read 8/28 books. I think by the end of next month, I’ll have read a half of them already. There will be a separate post.
  • COYER – 1 e-book read. Next ones, reading.
  • New Authors Reading Challenge 2015 – 6/15
  • 9/52 books read.

If you’re interested in what I watched and read during January 2015 (I didn’t wrote down the sf shorts yet), you can check my 2015 list.

How are your challenges going on?

The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience

The 2015 Sci-Fi ExperienceTime fly so fast. It wasn’t that long from the time when The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience has ended but another edition is already running.

It’s not really a challenge, it’s just a chance to enjoy science-fiction books, films, etc. during December 2014 and January 2015. Since science-fiction is one of my favourite genres, it’s not hard to find science-fiction related posts, but it’s nice to participate in that with other fellow fans of sf.

If you want to join in, just register yourself at Carl’s Stainless Steel Droppings blog.


Have fun reading and watching!

Around the World: A to Z 2015 Reading Challenge

I invite you to take a part in my challenge Around the World: A to Z 2015 Reading Challenge. In short it’s a challenge on reading (at least) 12 books based on author’s country, in the A to Z order based on the name in official/national language.

You can join at any time, now or during the whole 2015 year. Continue reading to see the detailed rules.

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