Current Challenges

The list of current challenges I host, or take part in.

  • Around the World: A to Z 2015 – A challenge that I host, based on the author’s country. This have both international (here) and Polish version, the latter at my Polish blog Różne Czytanie. From 1st January to 31st December. You can still join.
  • Na co dzień i od święta – A challenge on my Polish blog connected to the days (and holidays) in calendar. From 1st November 2014 to 31st October 2015.
  • Polacy nie gęsi III – A challenge on reading Polish authors (minimum 12 books). From 1st November 2014 to 31st October 2015. Currently most of the Polish books are reviewed on my Polish blog, Różne Czytanie.
  • New Authors Reading Challenge 2015. I set for the level easy (1-15 books).
  • 2015 Library Challenge. I set my goal for 28+ books borrowed from the library. Cheating, as anyway I borrowed much more books last year from library. 😛 My main source of reading material.
  • The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience – A “challenge” dedicated to reading and watching science fiction films. 1st December 2014 to 31st January 2015.
  • Winter 2014-2015 COYER – Cleaning up e-books. From 20th December to 6th March 2015.
  • 52 books.


You can also read about my past challenges and the books I read.


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