Deadpool review

I’m not a fan of USA superheroes. I do know many of them, but whenever I see a new superhero film in the cinema I do “meeeeh” and loose interest. But I decided to watch Deadpool.


I decided to go because he’s an antihero. And supposedly pansexual. I’m so tired of white (obviously) hetero guys saving the planet from being destroyed/villain taking over and getting a lady in the end.

Deadpool is a naughty boy. And that’s all. Don’t expect any “real” Deadpool & guys scenes. Everything remains in the text layer. And a smooch on guy’s cheek. He’s naughty with words. He’s naughty with actions (no problem killing enemies).

Was it a good film? Yes. Was it different from majority in the genre? Yes. Was it a great film? No. Was it different from the original character in comics? Not sure, I have never read them.

My opinion: 6.5/10.

What do you think of Deadpool?


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