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Lately I’m in a mood to watch films. It wasn’t only The Danish Girl. So I watched several films: one from festival (Japanese) for the celebration of Lunar New Year, two Polish and one 10 years old, in a TV. Continue reading to see the titles and reviews. Except one film (more like a documentary) others are rather surrealistic.


レンタネコ (Rentaneko)

Year: 2012

It’s easy to guess what the Rentaneko (Rent-a-Cat) film is about. It’s a surprisingly good film for a one without plot and really just sewn together from separate stories featuring the main heroine. The repetitiveness was hilarious and the odd-main character was quite refreshing. She wanted marriage but couldn’t even pursue it. It was a funny film with good acting. And I loved Katsuya Kobayashi as the strange neighbour. I liked the film even if I don’t like the cats! 😀

My opinion: 7/10



Córki dancingu (The Lure)

Year: 2015 (cinema debut on 25.12.2015)

Córki dancingu (English title: The Lure) is a film mixing music, Poland during 80s, comedy, bit of thriller, comedy scenes, The Little Mermaid like story and nudity. It got several awards both in Poland and abroad – at 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

The best in this film is bringing the climate of 80s. The 70s and 80s songs, the places… some which no longer exist (but I remember them). Visually it’s great. Musically it’s great. The plot isn’t too bad either. It’s a good film, but I was waiting for a big boom and there wasn’t. If you can watch it, I recommend it.

My opinion: 7/10.


Mów mi Marianna (Call me Marianna)

Year: 2015

A film telling the story of Marianna, transsexual Polish woman. The credits claim two people responsible for music: one Polish lady and Antony and the Johnsons. I understood that they had bigger part in the OST, but the credits were displaying  ending song only. The idea for mixing preparations to the play (with explanations by Marianna), the old private videos and real-time end of transition was (in theory) a good idea.

People praise it for showing the situation of trans people in Poland, but I can’t see the film explaining how Marianna realised things, why exactly the clash with family (ex-wife and children). It’s just one day he started wanting to be called “Marianna” and went to fight against the whole world. Yup, he, cause most of the time Marianna explains her actions/feelings that got into the script as “he”. He didn’t want, he wanted, etc. It wasn’t only about the times when she wasn’t aware. “Who wanted to end up with the family?” “He” says Marianna. Etc. Calling ftm as “she” instead of “he” wasn’t also very pleasing. No sorry, I don’t like this film, it’s more hurtful than explaining. What it shows the best that there are pretentious, transphobic, homophobic religious trans people.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Year: 2005

A crime comedy film. I did watch it because I knew there will be a gay detective as one of the main characters. I don’t know what’s so special about this film. It’s funny but it’s so Hollywoody-predictive.

My opinion: 5.5/10.



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