Sofi Oksanen

 “I strongly noticed that people my age have no knowledge or information about the Soviet era, no connection,” said Oksanen, who studied literature at the universities of Jyvaskyla and Helsinki, and drama at the Finnish Theatre Academy. “They are not interested in Soviets but are very interested in eating disorders, anxiety, sex trafficking and sex.

“In a way, my work forces remembrance that, like it or not, political discourse affects the life of the world, and we carry that weight for generations,” Oksanen said. “Everyone is scarred by the communists and Nazis — everyone, whether they know or acknowledge it.”

 Quoted from the Washington Post article (2011).
I’m currently reading Sofi Oksanen’s The Purge (Polish version titled Oczyszczenie). The author is coming soon for Big Book Festival (12-14.06) in Warsaw. I love the book. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend it. At the end of April 2015, we got her second book in Polish – When the Doves Disappeared. I’m sure I’ll read it too.
Have you read a book by Sofi Oksanen? What is your opinion?

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