12 Polish Books

I totally blew up the e-book challenge. But there is one challenge that I have already completed. I finished the minimum requirements, but I’ll continue reading.

I finished Polacy nie gęsi III challenge about reading Polish authors.  Started in November 2014, ends in October 2015. All the books were reviewed at my Polish blog – Różne Czytanie. Continue reading to see the titles.

  1. Stefania Grodzieńska – Żabka oraz kieszonkowe tragedie. A book with short comical stories.
  2. Marta Jakimowicz-Shah i Andrzej Jakimowicz – Mitologia indyjska. A book on all the religions of India.
  3. Jan Krasnowolski – Afrykańska elektronika A book on emigration in UK.
  4. Magdalena Zarębska – Kaktus na parapecie . Children’s book with travelling back time to the 70s.
  5. Mikołaj Łoziński – Bajki dla Idy. Short stories for children with animals as main characters. Everything is written from the animals perspective. Starring for example laboratory bacteria wishing for freedom, a dog whose owners are getting divorced.
  6. Jacek Dukaj, Tomasz Bagiński – Katedra. This book was the inspiration for the breathtaking animation The Cathedral.
  7. Teresa Dąbrowska – Warszawa literacka lat międzywojennych. Writers in Warsaw in the time between 1st and 2nd World War.
  8. Gabriela Górska –Ostatni nieśmiertelny. A sci-fi story from 80s about a man who cannot die and is sent on rescue missions.
  9. praca zbiorowa – Warszawa w roku 2025 & Pan Hilary i jego przygody. Polish comics from the 1920s. The first one’s title is Warsaw in 2025.
  10. praca zbiorowa – Komiks wierszem w trybie żeńskim. Polish poetry (by ladies) as a comic (by ladies).
  11. Jerzy Bralczyk – Leksykon nowych zdań polskich. Od lat 70. do dziś. A book on Polish language (famous quotes, grammar correctness, anecdotes).
  12. Jadwiga Kołodziejska – Elitarne i popularne wzory czytania A book on the book canon, reading choices and libraries in Poland. Usually from 1945, but there is some information even from the late 18th century.
  13. Mamadou Diouf – Mała książka o rasizmie. Newest addition to my read books. The author is originally from Senegal, but he’s living for around 30 years in Poland and he has Polish citizenship for several years already, so I count him as Polish.

None of the books, afaik, have no English translation. I’m reading now a book with Stanisław Barańczak’s (recently deceased) poetry. Besides being a poet, he was also translator. He translated English poems into Polish and Polish poems into English. Both his own and other Polish poets.

Do you read a lot of your country’s literature? What do you prefer? Did you read any Polish books?


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