I had a writing block lately , but as I started getting out of it lately, I’ve become busy.

Jp lectureI had a meeting at the local library where I gave a presentation on my Japanese trip (years ago). That library is focused on travels, and every month there is a meeting in “The Traveller’s Club” series. In March it was mine time. Later we had Easter in Poland, and then I got occupied with other things.

I’m preparing for my trip to Oslo this weekend. Hopefully I’ll be able to buy some books/films etc. My travelling time is quite packed, and the shops are usually closed on Saturday afternoon. No shopping on Sunday, when I’ll be more free. If you want to see some photos, come visit The Traveller’s Notes, my travel blog.

I’m also preparing for another meeting (30th April), where I’ll be talking about my life on Java (Indonesia). More info on Jawa czy sen meeting is in Polish. If you want to see some photos from there, they’re on my travel blog. Nothing too personal.

On 1- 3 May we have Polish “long May weekend” (kinda similar to Japanese Golden Week). I’ll try to be more active after that.

I’ve got lots of ideas for posts, but too little time. I’m falling behind even more and that can lead to writing block again. Did you have such problems? Can you give me any advice?



2 thoughts on “Activities”

  1. I tend to run into a writer’s block too if I don’t write in a while, so my advice would be to write even a few sentences every day. If you have lots of ideas for blog posts, have you written them down? Even if you don’t have time for full posts, it can help to just write down the topic and maybe a few pointers. Then if you come up with new ideas for the post, you can add them to the list.

    I hope you’ll have fun in Oslo! I’ve never been to Norway but I’ve thought about it, and I might visit it some time in the future.

    1. The biggest problem is not having enough time. I didn’t write them, I still have drafts from a long time ago, that I didn’t publish because there was always something more interesting/more important/more up to date. Perhaps writing more posts with several short topics (like the mini reviews) would solve part of the problem.

      I had great time in Oslo. I love that city. Along the week, I’ll try to write more about my current trip or share some photos. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration.


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