Forever… young…

Back in the days, 80s & 90s, a song titled “Forever Young” by German band Alphaville was very popular. When the song was first released (1984) I didn’t even go to school yet, but I still remember the song from my teenage years.

The song has a really catch refrain:

Forever young, I want to be forever young
Do you really want to live forever, forever and ever?

The song is not exactly about youth, it’s about Cold War. If you aren’t sure what’s that, check it. Looks like the history is repeating again…

I didn’t want to write about war, actually. The song just came back to me while watching a TV series. A TV series with a “forever young” character.

Forever young is the character played by Ian Gruffold, over 200 years old Henry Morgan (looking in his 30s) who currently works as the coroner in New York. Upon his first death in 1814 he realised… he can’t die.

Except for the supernatural parts, the show supposedly is an alternative to Castle. The main heroine (detective) is getting help solving crimes from the no-policeman partner/friend. Except that Henry Morgan is more… serious and competent from Rick Castle. And the storyline isn’t too dark as opposed to Castle (Kate’s history).

Each episode is set both in present and past (various times and situations that surface as Henry’s memories). This is actually the most interesting part. The old way of looking at the new times. It was hilarious when Henry told his adopted son (now 70 yo) that he doesn’t like the nowadays music [jazz] as it has no melody and harmony. His son retaliated that it would be rap, not jazz. Preferred type of music for Henry is classical European music. 😉 I can’t blame him, I’d take classical over jazz anytime. And I’m really in my 30s 😛

There are 2 more episodes to be aired to finish season 1. There is no information yet on the fate of the TV series. Knowing my luck it will be discontinued… A real review of the series/season 1 will be in May, after the last episode.

Do you watch Forever? What do you think about it? What about Forever Young?




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