Hero (히어로) is 2012 South Korean TV series. It’s an action oriented, mixed with crime/investigation set in near future series.

By a series of strange events (fuelled by his lust toward a beautiful policewoman), the protagonist got mingled in police work. And shot. He was saved from the death (tho after the straight line showed up) by giving him a shot of “not existing” medicine. He came back to life, with super regenerative powers and super speed. Of course, when he noticed any regenerative powers, he tried to kill himself, but failed.

The action is set in the near future of South Korea, after the country has bankrupted, in a fictional city. The protagonist, is a bad boy, the bad son of a mayor, whose misdeeds are covered up by his father and his brother, a prosecutor. Being a part of 1% he isn’t even aware of the inequality and poor treatment of poor citizens. He learns it in the first episode, as well as the fact, that his father and brother are actually shady people. He decided to be a superhero, and help them, often braking law himself. He has a friend, a skilled hacker, who helps him with intelligence.

This is an action TV series. Near future is just an excise for the protagonist to get “powers”. There is a lot about corruption of politicians, and unequal treatment, but this is just a background. There are no questions on what could be done to stop that. There isn’t much “thought” in the series. The protagonist is too stupid for that, he’s just a bon vivant playing a superhero. He uses his father’s money for his superhero stuff.

There is one very interesting plot (and character) that wasn’t often used. A man of his father, being a guardian of the protagonist too, follows the track of his protege even when he’s the superhero. From the start. The hero doesn’t even know that.

I didn’t liked the shift of the hacker friend from “shit, what have we done” to “let’s kick some more asses” which was illogical. If he was that intelligent, he’d have a serious talk with his friend, instead of just blindly following him.

The best part of the series is that the protagonist doesn’t end with the main heroine (the policewoman). And the series is short. I liked the ending, got more depth in the last episodes. But in the end, it just feels like City Hunter in the near future.

My opinion: 5.5/10.

Have you watched this? What do you think?


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