The Last Immortal

Ostatni nieśmiertelny (The Last Immortal) is Polish sociology sf novel written by Gabriela Górska (1939-2013). It tells the story of Ray Gordon, The Immortal, who like Superman, saves people in the times of need. He can do, what the mortal people can’t do. He is already 100 years old, he saw the world changing, he has just one friend left… His wish is to find those who put the immortality into him (Them) and ask them to remove it. He wishes death the most.

I liked it from the start. His emotions, point of view were shown in details, but also what the world, and people, see him as. It felt realistic. The same with creating the Institute of Immortality to research how people can become immortal. Or overusing The Immortal.

I loved, how it reminded me of Solaris by Stanisław Lem. A lot of pages were related to The Contact with those “aliens” who gave immortality to the man. How it’s possible to make a contact, to understand each other with a “being” who is so different from our own race.

The biggest flaw of the book was the lack of Polish characters. Ray Gordon, Niki Patton etc. The borders were nonexistent, but what happened to people of different backgrounds? I can’t believe with the interlanguage everybody jumped into using English names. There was one brown-skined (or so) person with blonde hair, but it wasn’t explicitly said, which one was artificial modification of body. I liked the references to the ancient Greek mythology, which was kinda doubled by the images reminding me of heroes from that time.

My opinion: 7/10.

Read for The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience and Polacy nie gęsi III challenge.

Ostatni nieśmiertelny - Gabiela GórskaTitle: Ostatni Nieśmiertelny (The Last Immortal)
Author: Gabriela Górska

Language: Polish

Published: 1988, Nasza Księgarnia
ISBN: 83-10-09274-1


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