Warszawskie Dni Fantastyki 2015

Fantastyka in Polish means both science fiction and fantasy. Horror is usually out, tho there is a trend to mix it up together in bookstores, probably because of the influence from the USA. Speculative fiction is grouping fantasy, science fiction and horror. Sci-fi is, from what I heard, a negative term for “soft” science fiction, not really grounded on “science”. What terms are you using in your country? What is considered “science fiction” and “fantasy”?

Those questions arrived during my lecture about South Korean science fiction. I talked about some examples of what is considered science fiction in South Korea. Why I know about it? Because those film/series were nominated for SF award in South Korean science fiction festival. Or they were screened during shows then.

So, first film is The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow, which except for the “satellite” (robot) would be pure fantasy. Magic is much more often than science. Then, there is Nain (Nine Time Travels) where the main hero travel to past to fix it. The “vehicle” is… incense. I’m not sure how this drama can get more “science”, but I’m currently watching it.

Definitely there is more science fiction in manhwa, but for example a portal LINE Webtoon with Korean webtoons has only “fantasy” section, where there are put science fiction series like Gepetto (war with androids in the future) and Denma (space travel etc.). I’d be really interested what “real life” oriented South Korea thinks what is fantasy and science fiction about.

Warszawskie Dni Fantastyki (WDF) were really a small meeting. Hard to call it convention. We met and discussed things, the themes were set in advance, like in a convention. I didn’t play board games, but there was a possibility.  It was fun.

Well, the next fan meeting will be in a library discussion club. Stay tuned.


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