Lem and SF Library Discussion

On 9th January 2015, I went to my first library book discussion club. It was a meeting of a club focused on fantasy and science fiction. I thought I should give it a try, especially with The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience and 2015 Library Challenge going on. The topic was Stanisław Lem, whose several stories I read and reviewed earlier.

I hoped to gain some more insight into his works and maybe a recommendation on what to read later on. With such thoughts, I went to the library. Just to have…

It wasn’t like I imagined. There were two ladies from the library, who were supposed to be moderators of discussion. Besides me, there were only two guests. We sat by the table, tea and snacks for us. Even before I started, it was already obvious that the ladies and those guests know each other for a long time. There were questions like ‘how are the exams’, giving information about new books which they would like etc. Kinda scary. But as we started discussion it was ok. 🙂

The discussion wasn’t entirely on Lem. I was the one who read Lem’s stories most recently… and the one who really liked them. As a guy-guest has said, maybe Lem is already such a classic that people don’t need to talk about him, because all was said. We talked about the reality of future predictions, including Lem and it pointed us in the direction of what became “real” now (comparing for example with “Back to the Future”) and what can become real in the future. The possible future lead us to Cyberpunk, and Continuum (time travel & cops TV series) series which also lead to question “will we end in cyberpunk era?”.

We talked also about the books we like. I shared my love of world sf, recommended (unfortunately hard to get by) Abe Kobo’s Inter Ice Age 4. We decided on the topic of next meeting “Superwomen”. Any ideas what makes superwomen? I can’t wait now for the next meeting.

Do you take part in book (library) discussion club? Why?


5 thoughts on “Lem and SF Library Discussion”

  1. The club meeting sounded interesting, I’m glad you had fun there even though it was scary at first. I think one of the main reasons I’ve yet to participate in any book clubs is because I’m afraid of how it will go, but maybe I should just get on with it.

    As to what makes superwomen, I think there’s the obvious type of superwomen found in comics and such, with all kinds of cool superpowers. I don’t usually quote movies but in the movie Bruce Almighty Morgan Freeman (playing God in the film) says that parting soup/water is a trick but a single mother with two jobs to support her children is a miracle, so maybe something from that angle too? Just normal women doing something inspirational. Anyway, I hope you’ll write about your next meeting too and that it goes well 🙂

    1. I’m glad I went that way too. You should definitely try going to a book discussion club. Or film discussion club, if you like it too.

      Actually, what you said about mothers is similar to my opinion on it. I’m gonna make a separate post on that.

      1. The first things that come to mind are those that inspire me: books, music, nature, pictures… On a broader scale I’d say that something inspirational is something that gives you a new idea or really makes you want to do something, gives you a certain excited and “let’s do it right now!” feeling. A flow where creative things tend to turn out better than usual. Like if I see an inspirational picture and get ideas for writing, I usually want to start writing immediately and keep writing until the inspiration is gone. What about you? Is that the next topic for the club?

        1. Superwomen are the topic. 🙂 I just got curious what you find inspirational.
          Inspirational for me? Usually it’s some fleeting image or emotion. Or song. That’s what I remember, pay attention to. 😉

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