South Korean sf comics

I’ve been reading lately various science fiction related comics from South Korea. School romance, superheroes story and war with androids.

GIRL by Hwang Mi Ri

GIRL by Hwang Mi RiA romance of school girl set in a future world (204x), when there is hardly any woman left in the world, due to a strange phenomena after an explosion on the Sun. Make no mistake, there is hardly “science” in this manhwa. All the background (hardly probable) is just an excuse for a girl with harem story.

If the author would be more serious about science fiction, it could be a great story, but now, it’s a mediocre story at best. Just like other romance stories.

My opinion: 3/10.

HERO CO. LTD. by Ha Il-kwon and Kim Jin-seok

Hero Co. Ltd.This could be a nice comic… The idea of heroes being mutants isn’t really original but the idea of company recruiting heroes, and them helping people for money (you can also buy insurance) was more original. Unfortunately, the whole story quickly degrades to a regular cliche fighting comic with irritating characters and inconsistencies.

The worst thing is the sudden (rushed) ending, but this saves us from more cliche plot. Read only if you’re bored.

My opinion: 5/10.

Gepetto by Jewon Yeon

GepettoAn ongoing webtoon set in the future, with war between humans and androids being the centre plot. It was nominated as the best manhwa for SF 2014 festival in Gwancheon, Seoul.

The beginning is really predictable. I didn’t read half of the story yet, but it’s definitely the best of the three. You can read the official translation.

My opinion: 7/10.


Have you read any of those comics? What do you think about them?


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