January Pile

January, a start of new challenges. A lot of books in the pile, still waiting for me to be read…

Currently reading

  • Korean Writers: The Novelists is a reference book for foreign publishers about the “most powerful literary voices that came out of Korea since 1960s” and about past achievements and current trends (2005).
  • Wampir i inne opowiadania (Vampire and other short stories) – Kim Young-ha. A selection of short stories from various collections of Kim Young-ha. He gained a recognition in the Korean literary world, and he’s featured in the above mentioned book. This book has 10 short stories, including 3 that have for sure English translation: Photo Shop Murder, Whatever Happened to the Guy Stuck in Elevator, Moving.
  • Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town – Cory Doctorow (Canada). A strange story, full of bizarre things. I read it for my challenge Around the World: A to Z 2015. I got it legally for free on Cory Doctorow’s website, as it’s on Creative Common’s licence.

To read

  • Ostatni nieśmiertelny (Last Immortal) – Gabriela Górska (Poland). Science fiction story written in 80s, about the last immortal superhero, who is treated like a prisoner because of who he is.
  • Warszawa literacka lat międzywojennych (Literary Warsaw during the inter(world)war period) – Teresa Dąbrowska (Poland). Authors, city, good and bad sides.
  • Babel-17 – Samuel R. Delany (USA). Vintage science fiction about a space war… and a language.
  • Storm Front – Jim Butcher (USA). First volume of the (urban) fantasy series about Harry Dresden, a magical detective. There was a TV series about Harry Dresden, which I liked, but ended way too fast. So now I’m gonna read the series…
  • Kristin Lavransdatter – Sigrid Undset (Norway). A well-known 3 volumes historical fiction set in Middle Ages in Scandinavia. Part of the reasons why she got Nobel Award in 1928. I read it for my other challenge, Polish For Black and Red Letters Days Alike, which I’m hosting on my Polish blog. This is a book that my grandma likes.
  • Opowieśći dengbeżów – baśnie i bajki kurdyjskie. (Dengeż’s Stories – Kurdish Fairy Tales and Fables). Dengbeż (not sure of English transcription) are Kurdish story tellers. This is an album – A4, hardcover, good paper, beautifully illustrated… And I tell you, I know I would want it for myself. This one is from library.  You can see some of the illustrations on the publisher’s site. Just click the cover.

Actually, all the books but Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (e-book) are from either local library, or the Korean Culture Centre library. You may remember that I take part in the 2015 Library Challenge, I wrote about it earlier.

What are you reading right now? Did you read any of those books?


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