The Vast Possibilities of Men in Black

During The 2014 Sci-Fi Experience I watched (for the Xth time) first and second Men in Black film. This time around, I rewatched Men in Black 3 again.

Official plot is like this: Agent J goes back to the past (1969) to stop the death of agent K, and save the planet from a nasty alien called “Boris the Animal”.

The third part is as good as the other two. Earth still needs to be saved, and only agent K (will the help of J, as usual) can do that. The new sidekick is Griffin, who is seeing all possibilities.

You can still expect the same kind of schematic scenes, like getting the gun taken from behind the fake wall, J stopping the enemy the same way (getting on their nerves) etc. I treat it as a part of “upkeeping the character of the first film” so I don’t mind it. As usual, there are also plays on stereotypes. The funniest moments, imho, are when Grif is talking about what will happen soon.

I liked the focus on partner relations between J and K. Even when Tommy Lee Jones didn’t play the part. The “younger version” did a great job too.

My opinion: 7/10


What do you think of Men in Black 3?


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