Korean Writers & Science Fiction

This month, I’ll be giving a lecture on Korean science fiction during a small  convention in Warsaw.

So currently, I’m reading both on Korean writers, science fiction and actually reading manhwa.

The Korean writers book (ISBN 89-374-2542-4), is a reference book on over 60 South Korean writers (some of them run away from North Korea) that are somehow important in the post-war literature. This is actually the second time I’m reading that book, and if I remember well there is just one science fiction writer mentioned in it. His name is 복거일 which is transcribed either as Bok-koh Il or Bok-Geo Il (it’s one of the examples why I hate transcriptions).

He wrote some science fiction stories that were untranslated, but since last year, we have one of those stories in English. The Jovian Sayings are in English.

Apart from science fiction I have already found some books that I’d be happy to read… if they were translated into one of the languages I know… Unfortunately, most of them aren’t. The Jovian Sayings might be a good start tho.

Have you read it?



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