My Anime Memories

I promised Nicollzg to post about anime that work for me. It wasn’t easy, I had a blank mind when I started suddenly thinking of anime I like. What came to my mind is mainly old stuff, from 80s and 90s. Am I getting that old to remember only distant past?

I won’t (kinda) write about science fiction anime because it would dominate the whole post. I’ll write about sf anime later on, maybe in time for The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience, maybe later. I selected three themes: comedy, vampires and fantasy.

There is one thing all those anime have in common – I’d love to watch them again. Don’t expect reviews, it wouldn’t be fair to review films/series I watched years ago. Have fun!


Tenchi Muyo

This is a sci-fi* comedy that currently has 20th anniversary. I liked original OVA and TV series. Spin offs, newer series (including the 2014 TV series), cinema films and a lot of  brand-related stuff. One of my nicknames (Kiyone) was from Tenchi Muyo,  given to me by others.

I liked the series for interesting female characters, even tho there was a harem and most ladies fell for the slowpoke Tenchi.

* Oddly enough, it’s rarely called “science-fiction”. The predominate is comedy/romance.

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san

The newest anime (in the list) I still remember with fondness. I wrote earlier about Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san, so you can refer to this post.


Vampire Hunter D

Post-apocalyptic world, vampires, humans and between. First film was made in 1985, another in 2000. The concept is based on novels with the same title.

Vampire Princess Miyu

An OAV about a vampire girl in modern Japan. An interesting take on vampires.


Record of Lodoss War

The original series. A fantasy battle between good and evil. I was always rooting for the bad ones. A good set of interesting characters, with some exceptions. 😉

Gensoumaden Saiyuki

Loosely based on the Journey to the West. I already wrote about the differences between Saiyuki manga and the original book.

A group of “heroes” is trying to stop the evil ones from resurrecting the demon king. Set in the world where fantasy elements and contemporary elements are mixed.

I won’t hide that I love the characters, and the comedy situations that often arise from their clashes. Despite the carefree mood, there are lots of dark things.


Is there an anime you’d recommend watching to me?


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