Waktu Aku Sama Mika review

Once again, it’s Waktu Aku Sama Mika. I wrote about film (not reviewed yet), I put a quote from book. This time, finally a review of the book. After several months, but I still quite remember my opinion about it.

Indi is a teenager Indonesian girl with scoliosis. Mika, who becomes her boyfriend, is several years older from her, and infected with HIV/AIDS. Not long after he dies…

I did enjoy this book a lot. I liked both the form (as a teenager girl’s journal, with drawings) and the way it was written. There is a lot of warmth in the book, even tho it deals with such a difficult topics as illness and death.

The relationship was so pure and ideal. Almost not real. Indi never cared why Mika got infected. But not everything was easy for them. No kissing, the opposition of Indi’s parents.

I liked there were real information, references, about HIV and AIDS put between the memories of Indi. Such a book is really needed in the country where the knowledge about HIV/AIDS is really low. It’s great to know, that this book is popular in Indonesia. From the time it was published in 2009, it was printed 12 times already.

My version (11th print) unfortunately has several pages doubled, but no page is omitted.

Waktu Aku Sama MikaTitle: Waktu Aku Sama Mika (My Time with Mika)
Author: Indi

Language: Indonesian
Publisher: Homerian Pustaka 2013 (11th print)
ISBN: 978-979-17454-5-1


Around the World in 12 Books 2014 ChallengeThe book was reviewed for The Full House Challenge and Around the World in 12 books (8/12).


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