Continuum Twins!

I got recommendation to watch two science-fiction series during The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience: Helix (medical/virus) and Continuum. Except there are two science-fiction Continuum series. Both Canadian, I think.

Continuum (2011-2012)

A woman wakes up somewhere in the space on a ship. She lost her memory, and the ship is lost too. And there is a dead man on the ship, who was supposed to kill her. What is going on?

The series is 2 seasons long, 18 episode totalling 90 (sic!) minutes. Raegen, Tipton and ship computer (named Tara) are the only characters. You could say the show feels like a recorded theatre play, with limited locations and actors. Every episode is just few minutes long, but those few minutes are full of plot. There is nothing unnecessary.

I loved it. It held my attention from the first minute. That’s a great made indie online TV series.

My opinion: 10/10.

The whole series is available for free on Youtube, but if you like it you can buy the show/OST. Details on the Continuum’s website.

Continuum (2012- )

A time travel and crime/police TV series. Group of terrorists (fighting for liberation from the dominance of corporations), and coincidentally a policewoman too, travel from 2077 back to 2012. The war starts anew.

The pilot has some obvious plot moments, but I’m going to give it a credit, for my love of Cyberpunk. 😀 So far I’ve just seen one episode.

Did you watch any of those series? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Continuum Twins!”

  1. I have not watched “Helix” but “Continuum” is one of my favorites. I enjoyed both seasons one and two. I am currently watched the first season of “The 100” (which is a good dystopian sf series) on Netflix and plan on watching the third season of “Continuum” after that. I highly recommend “Continuum” to everyone.

    1. When I’ll have more time, I’ll come back to watching Continuum. I’ll keep The 100 in mind. Thanks for the information.

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