Almost Human review

Almost HumanRecently I finished watching Almost Human series. It’s a USA police/crime show set in 2048. The main heroes are a detective not fond of technology and androids (John Kennex, front), set with an android partner (Dorian, right).

Although its set in future, the series relies on the well known buddy-cop format, where two detectives with opposite character or background work alongside each other. Just like in the 48 Hrs., Beverly Hills Cop films which I watched as a kid/teen. There are also buddy-cop TV series, like Common Law, where a pair of clashing detectives (but still they were the best) are sent for a pair therapy. It was Common Law, where I noticed for the first time (I think) Michael Ealy, the actor playing part of the android.

Detective John Kennex lost a leg in ambush, after the android that accompanied his squad left the site because humans wouldn’t make it out anyway. He had two years break, and came back to work with an artificial leg. When he comes back he hears from his captain that he must start working with an android (MX type), because nowadays all policemen do so. His destroys his first android, but is given another one. Different, older type. One that was already decommissioned. The DRN type was made to resemble humans as closely as possible, with the “artificial soul” system. Which was responsible for their “malfunction”. This android is called Dorian.

There are only 13 episodes, 1 season because the series was cancelled. That means that the plots other than crime in every episode aren’t cut clean. And those plots look promising. What’s behind the other side of The Wall? What’s with the fake memories in Dorian’s memory? Would Kennex and detective Stahl (next to Dorian) end up as a couple? We’ll probably never know this.

The main characters get most spotlight, leaving others (too much) in the background. When I think about it, after I finished watching, it’s more like the other characters are extra props being used when needed. Detective Paul (the farthest on left) is the one least needed in the series, he serve no real purpose and his character isn’t too developed. Captain Maldonado didn’t have a lot of spotlight either, but she leaves an impression. Detective Stahl gets more attention as the love interest of Kennex, but even with two episodes where she plays major role it’s not enough. Rudy, the lab rat, on the other hand is really standing out as a minor character. Except the main pair, I like his character the most.

The buddy-cop format gains a lot from the human-android interaction. It’s so funny to watch them both. Michael Ealy as an android is convincing, and the episode with two of him is hilarious. I love the world building in Almost Human, tho we don’t have a clear knowledge of the world. Moreover, I like the ideas every episode for the crime and solving it.  I like it more than CSI or NCIS. If you like science-fiction and aren’t a fan of crime TV series, if you are a fan of crime series but not a fan of science-fiction, if you’re a fan of good TV series, I recommend you to watch Almost Human.

My opinion: 8.5/10 (It’s underdeveloped since it’s cancelled)

Review made for The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience.


14 thoughts on “Almost Human review”

  1. It kept coming up as a recommendation to one of my shows, but when I checked it out, I saw it was being canceled. I believe this was the show, anyways. I didn’t want to start it if they wouldn’t be making more.

    1. Yes, it was cancelled, but I think it’s still a nice TV series to watch. The cases are good enough to provide fun, even without the main plotline finished.

  2. Almost Human is a series I would watch again. I thought the special effects were pretty nice for a weekly television show, I enjoyed the actors, and I thought the show got better with each episode and showed a lot of promise…but FOX wasn’t keen on taking a chance with it, which was a shame. Even my parents, who do not appreciate science fiction, found it compelling.

    1. (Spoilers!) Do watch, and let’s speculate if Dorian “obsession” with The Wall had anything to do with the fake data recorder in his processor. :P(/Spoilers)

      Yay, that says a lot about the series. 😉

      Why the good series (SGU, AH) get cancelled is beyond me. Instead they run a repetitive and boring after a long time series without any hint of bigger plot (unless the plot is there to kick away a certain character). I’d get nuts if I’d have to watch Bones, CSI, NCIS every episode for 10 seasons.
      I think that in the global village world there should be a change with the way TV series are made and distributed. The current model with series & TV channels is illogical. Basing worth of series on weekly ratings is stupid too. 😀

      1. I like the British model for tv series, where there are shorter “seasons”. There is a tendency to stay focused on a story arc structure (though not necessarily in situation comedies) and by doing so the viewer can have a manageable amount of television to watch, get an engaging story, and be able to move on.

        1. Then you’d love the Japanese and South Korean model for TV series as well. The season usually has 13 episodes. I’d recommend you an old series: Serial Experiments Lain (anime) which I love.

            1. You should watch it, worth it. I think I might rewatch it. 🙂
              Korean don’t have a lot of sci-fi films, moreover not TV series. Save the Green Planet is… strange. Odd. Be warned before watching it. There is not much sci-fi in South Korea at all.

              1. Most of the Korean films I’ve watched are romantic comedies. I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and generally find the humor a little more quirky when watching non-U.S. romantic comedies. I often wonder if those “quirks” are solely from my American viewpoint or if the people of that country also see them as quirky.

                I think Serial Experiments Lain is available on Hulu. Yay!!!

                1. I wonder what kind of answer about those “quirks” you’d get on Quora. 😀
                  Have fun watching Lain. 🙂

                  1. One of the things I’ve been fascinated about in watching both Korean and Japanese films is the way in which they mix both the English language and Western culture in with their own cultures. Not living there and not being familiar with the cultural climate, I often wonder what the thought process is behind the writers/directors in using the English language vs. the native language for certain parts of the dialogue.

                    1. I really think it’s a good question for Quora. It’s not only in Korean and Japanese. Things like that were in Indian, Chinese and Indonesian films too. Guess it’s fashionable to put some foreign words or sentences. Not everybody in those countries can speak English…
                      Some Polish gamers do use mixed Polish-English and they say “My pety” (Which is the English “pet” mixed with Polish “y” (plural form)) but in Polish “pety” means cigarette butts. 😛 For me as a Polish it’s an irritating quirk.
                      Btw, I remember a time when somebody in Indonesia laughed at my friend for putting Indonesian words into English sentence. Guess it doesn’t work two ways. 😉

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