A Scary Take on Toilets

I’m looking at something horrifying… I’m watching photos showing the toilet conditions around the world. They were made for the World Toilet Day (19th November).

Not having toilet at home is already problematic… but I think even more problematic is the security issue.

About Ima from Ghana:

She does not have a toilet at home. During the day, she uses the public toilet where she works, but at night she uses a plastic bag as it is not safe to go outside.

Indonesian ToiletSo bad conditions… I’m so thankful (and privileged) that I have a clean toilet at home. I remember my family was completely terrified when I showed them the toilets in Indonesia (photo on left). My family was shocked to hear about squatting toilets. For them it was just a bit better than a hole in the ground. But those toilets were very good when compared to some of those photos.


What do you think? Is it scary? What do you feel looking at those photos?


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