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Not only I’m reading few books at a time, but I’m also watching few series at a time. As you know, I’m watching some Korean romance drama (shuffling between 1% of Anything and My Princess) and two USA-made crime series. This post is about those crime TV series, one set close to the current time, one set in the future (2048).

The Blacklist, season 2. You might remember my first review after watching 1/3 of The Blacklist season 1. Luckily, the series got darker and more interesting later on. Although there are still some things that tick me off, and I don’t mean the main heroine’s wig. 😛 The new interesting character is Reddington’s ex-wife. If Lizzy was more like her… Lizzy finally starts thinking, and getting darker. Red puts an agent, from Mossad, into the team. More and more intrigues, and I like it.

Almost Human, season 1 of 1 (currently watched 1/3 of the series). The show was cancelled after season 1. A pity, because I like it. It’s a nice mix of science-fiction (set in future) and crime TV series, with good actors. A policeman who lost his leg in the field of work, hating androids, is partnered with an android to solve the crimes. Well, all human officers are partnered with robot, because there weren’t enough policemen to fight with crime.

Have you seen those series? What do you think of them?


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