1% of Anything -1st review

I’m not a fan of romantic stories, but I do watch them sometimes. I wanted a chance of pace from action-oriented films or series, so I decided to watch the South Korean drama 1% of Anything. I’m currently watching it, I saw around 1/3 of it.

The good and naive girl helps an elder man, who happens to be a wealthy man, and is put in his last will. If she’ll marry one of his grandsons (arch-rivals), she’ll be rich. The first grandson to meet is a quick-tempered obnoxious guy. They make an agreement, to see each other for 10 months (they both don’t want to marry each other) but they begin to develop feelings for each other. There is also another guy, her coworker, who pushes the limits to get married to her. The family is in his favour.

What do I think the ending will be? The good girl and bad boy (who changed because of her) will get married and happily live ever after. The two families (with some exceptions) will oppose it, but love will win over anything else. I have the feeling the story will be too long.

There are obvious plot holes. The girl says she doesn’t know the old man personally, claims she saw him on TV (she should have recognised him then), and her best friend can’t apparently do a search in the internet to see who is this unknown millionaire. Yet, she did a search on the grandson.

It’s unclear how she’s keeping in touch with the old man. The family looks like not knowledgeable about her elderly friend. If she calls him by phone (he lives in a residence) did she got a number especially to his study and that’s the reason she never heard his name? Which is kinda suspicious, how he could find her if they didn’t introduce each other and he just knew how she looked like?

When the couple is questioned by the police, at firs she says she know him, then she says she doesn’t know him and they just let her go. How does it makes sense?

He is supposed to visit her family’s home, but he even didn’t know the address. He lost his phone, ok, couldn’t contact her mobile, ok… But why the hell when he couldn’t even try to call her home number? This doesn’t makes sense except that the screenwriter decided they absolutely can’t meet at that time, even if it would go against logic.

So far, the show is just average. Well, maybe except music. I like the mix of classical, Western and Korean music.

Have you watched it? What do you think of it?


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